Our research interests include the following topics:

In physical geography:

  • Global change effects on Arctic environment
  • Biogeography and macroecology of aquatic and terrestrial systems
  • Species distribution modelling
  • Big data, GIS and remote sensing in physical geography
  • Physical-chemical quality and ecological status of aquatic systems

In human & urban geography and spatial planning:

  • Transformation and segregation in the social and physical urban environment
  • The changing rationalities and concepts of regional and urban planning
  • Regional policy and geopolitics
  • Urbanisation and changing relationships between state and cities, and internationalisation of cities and states
  • The spatial planning system of the European Union
  • The political ecology and management of natural resources and land use

In geoinformatics:

  • Spatial data analysis, new information sources
  • Development of remote-sensing methods for environmental study, especially hyper-spectral remote-sensing data and drone applications
  • Application of geoinformatics methods to environmental and urban research