Anne Toppinen

Anne Toppinen

Professor of forest economics and marketing at the Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland since 2008. My speciliaty areas are forest industry markets and responsible business management in the global forest bioeconomy.

Before joining University of Helsinki I have worked in several research and research management positions including European Forest InstituteI, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Oregon State University and Academy of Finland.

I have authored about 110 scientific journal articles and reviewed book chapters and well over 200 other publications. For details see TUHAT, ResearchGate and Google Scholar.

“Forest bioeconomy business is globally experiencing a very interesting development. Sustainability challenges are definitely one of the key drivers - now and also in the future. University of Helsinki is one of the hubs globally having a combined focus of these topics – so join us!”

For further information about our research, see the Forest Bioeconomy, Business and Sustainability website.