Data Science Faculty

Data science faculty and their research areas cover a wide spectrum of the many aspects of data science. The list below shows the names of the faculty and their general research areas, in which they also teach and supervise MS theses:

  • Dorota Glowacka: interactive information retrieval, exploratory search, user modeling, cognitive modeling, information science, interactive machine learning, bandit algorithms, reinforcement learning, information systems, computational HCI, human factors in machine learning

  • Keijo Heljanko: big data platforms, distributed databases, parallel algorithms for data mining and machine learning applications, distributed processing, stream processing, IoT applications, cloud computing, parallel and distributed data science

  • Antti Honkela: privacy-preserving machine learning, statistical machine learning, deep learning, machine learning with distributed data, computational statistics

  • Mohammad Hoque: Ubiquitous Mobile Computing, distributed systems, Big data frameworks, and energy efficiency.

  • Matti Järvisalo: automated logical reasoning, SAT solving, constraint programming, discrete optimization, algorithms for NP-hard problems, argumentation, probabilistic graphical models, computational complexity, parallel search algorithms

  • Jussi Kangasharju: distributed data processing, networks, distributed systems, cloud computing

  • Juha Kärkkäinen: algorithms and data structures on strings, data compression, compressed data structures, external memory algorithms

  • Jyrki Kivinen: computational learning theory, in particular online algorithms

  • Arto Klami: Statistical machine learning, deep learning, probabilistic graphical models

  • Mikko Koivisto: algorithms, Bayesian modelling and inference, causal discovery, graphical models.

  • Antti Kuronen: computational materials physics, computational medical physics

  • Jiaheng Lu: big data system, database system, matroid theory, category theory for computer science, quantum theory for databases

  • Michael Mathioudakis: graph algorithms, web mining, social networks, big data processing

  • Jukka K Nurminen: testing of AI systems, fairness of computational decision making, software systems for data-intensive computing, software for quantum computers, energy-efficient computing

  • Kai Puolamäki: exploratory data analysis, machine learning, data science, resampling and simulation methods

  • Teemu Roos: machine learning, probabilistic graphical models

  • Laura Ruotsalainen: Spatiotemporal data analysis, estimation methods for navigation and tracking, machine learning, computer vision, positioning technologies, big data analytics

  • Tuukka Ruotsalo: interactive machine learning, human-computer interaction and data science, information retrieval

  • Anna-Mari Rusanen: Philosophy of artificial intelligence, ethics of artificial intelligence, philosophy of computational modeling, philosophical issues in human-computer interaction

  • Samuli Siltanen: mathematical and machine-learning methods for inverse problems in medical imaging, nondestructive testing and photography

  • Hannu Toivonen: computational creativity, natural language engineering, natural language generation

  • Antti Ukkonen: data-analysis algorithms, graph algorithms, social networks, machine learning, natural language user interfaces, human computation

  • Jarno Vanhatalo: spatial statistics and data analysis, computational statistics, statistical machine learning

  • Roman Yangarber: natural language processing (NLP), deep learning in NLP, computer-assisted language learning, language evolution, media monitoring

  • Indrė Žliobaitė: data science and evolution, analysis of the fossil record, palaeoclimate reconstruction

Data Science Programme Board

The members of the Data Science programme board are the following:

  • Professor Jussi Kangasharju, director of the programme
  • Associate professor Antti Honkela, deputy director of the programme
  • Associate professor Teemu Roos
  • Associate professor Laura Ruotsalainen
  • Assistant professor Arto Klami
  • Assistant professor Jarno Vanhatalo
  • Dr. Ari Asmi
  • Anna Holvio, student representative
  • Ville-Veikko Saari, student representative

Administrative staff of the programme are the following:

  • Dr. Pirjo Moen, academic coordinator
  • Tiina Rytty, project planner
  • Reijo Sivén, education coordinator