Courses in Aerosol Physics Study Track

Compulsory courses (45-50 cr)
ATM301 Atmospheric and Earth Sciences Today (5 cr)
ATM345 Seminar in atmospheric sciences (5 cr)
ATM302 Climate Change Now (2 or 5 cr)
ATM303 Project course in atmospheric sciences (3 or 5 cr)
ATM350 Master's thesis (30 cr)
ATM399 Maturity test (0 cr)
Personal study plan (0 cr) (included in ATM301)

Compulsory course packages (at least 15 cr)
Basics of aerosol physics and chemistry (at least 5 cr)
Compulsory course:
ATM304 Aerosol physics II (5 cr)
Optional courses:
ATM305 Classical Nucleation Theory (5 cr)
MATR305 Nanophysics and nanochemistry (5 cr)
ATM306 Basics of atmospheric chemistry (5 cr)
ATM307 Atmospheric and aerosol chemistry (5 cr)
ATM358 Atmospheric photochemistry and reaction kinetics (5 cr)

Data analysis (at least 10 cr)
Compulsory course:
ATM308 Statistical analysis of environmental field measurements (5 cr)
Optional courses:
ATM309 Analysis of atmosphere-surface interactions and feedbacks (5 cr)
ATM310 Time Series Analysis in Geosciences (5 cr)
MAST32005 Spatial Modelling and Bayesian Inference (5 cr)

Optional course packages (at least 35 cr)
Atmospheric modelling
ATM311 Simulations of Formation of Molecular Clusters (5 cr)
ATM312 Aerosol Modelling (5 cr)
ATM313 Chemical transport modelling I (5 cr)
ATM314 Chemical transport modelling II (5 cr)
ATM315 Numerical Meteorology I (5 cr)
ATM316 Numerical Meteorology II (5 cr)
ATM317 Laboratory Course in Numerical Meteorology (5 cr)

Measurement techniques in atmospheric sciences
ATM318 Aerosol measurement techniques (5 cr)
ATM319 Measurements of Atmospheric aerosols: Aerosol Physics, Sampling and Measurement Techniques (5 cr)
ATM320 Mass Spectrometry in Atmospheric Sciences and Environmental analysis (5 cr)
ATM321 Field Course in Micrometeorology and Hydrology (5 cr)
ATM322 Meteorological observation systems (5 cr)
ATM323 Advanced Course in Radar Meteorology (5 cr)
ATM324 Laboratory Course in Radar Meteorology (5 cr)
ATM325 Satellite remote sensing methods in aerosol science (5 cr)

Aerosols and health
ATM326 Health Effects of Fine Particles (5 cr)
ATM327 Fine particles in occupational environments (5 cr)


Other studies (0-25 cr)
Other studies can include study modules or courses from other programmes or courses from other study tracks. Also practical training and language studies can be included in other studies.