Open University: Summer courses

Courses also in the summer! Browse the course catalogue for summer 2023.
  • This page presents the open university courses available in summer 2023. 
  • Summer courses will be offered from early May to the end of August.
  • While most of the courses are in Finnish, some are in Swedish and English.
  • Most of the courses are organised online, but some are held at the University and at partner institutions. Information on the course type, teaching locations, if any, and practices is available on individual course pages.
  • Further additions to the selection may be made during the spring and summer.
Summer courses 2023

Courses particularly well suited to upper secondary students introducing the basics of various disciplines are marked with ♦ 

MOOCs are open online courses which can accommodate an unlimited number of participants. The acronym MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. 

Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics 


Changing Education

Computer Science

Data Science

Gender Studies

Language and Communication


Medicine / Public Health


    Student's Digital Skills

    If you wish to plan your studies further, browse the preliminary information about the courses in the academic year 2023-2024!

    How to begin your studies
    • You can enrol to courses online through the relevant course page.
      • NB! If you are a bachelor’s or master’s student at the University of Helsinki, start the enrolment process by adding the course to your study plan in Sisu. 
    • As a rule, enrolment begins 45 days prior to the start of course. Always check the enrolment start date on the course page.
    • The fee is calculated at €15 per credit, and so ultimately depends on the scope of the course. The course fee is paid as an online payment at the time of enrolment.
    • The course offerings include free-of-charge courses:
      • Summer courses (despite the courses organized at the cooperative educational institutions) are free of charge for bachelor’s and master’s students of the University of Helsinki registered for attendance at the time of course enrolment. They also have to pay the study fee, if
        • the course has a quota reserved for degree students and it has been filled.
        • they wish to participate in an open university course in order to raise the grade of previously completed studies, Before enrolment, please contact 
      • Open university courses are free of charge for the citizens of Ukraine.
      • Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, can be taken free of charge. Open university fees are usually charged when the student wishes to complete the course and have it recorded in the University of Helsinki’s academic administration system.