Subject studies in University Pedagogy

The University of Helsinki offers Subject Studies in University Pedagogy as personnel training. More information for the studies starting in September will be published on these pages in October-November 2024.

Important information. Applicants must have their possible foreign university degree recognised by the National Agency for Education (=Opetushallitus in Finnish). Recognition of a University degree as a Master, Licentiate or Doctoral level degree is required to apply for the Programme.

Further information can be found on the NAE pages here.

In addition, all the applicants must demonstrate their knowledge of the English as defined in the Rector's decision. You can find all the accepted methods of proving your English language skills here, which are the same as those for international Master's Programmes at the University of Helsinki. The same deadlines apply here as above.    

The selection criteria and more information on the selection procedure have been published in Please read more about them here.