Scoring applications in the Faculty of Medicine
Information on scoring applications in the Master's programme in Translational Medicine.
AUTUMN 2021 / SPRING 2022

On this page you can find information on scoring of the applications and answering the motivation questions on the application form as well as submitting your recommendation.

There are two phases in the admission procedure.

In phase one, all eligible applications are evaluated by a selection committee nominated by the TRANSMED board. Four selection committee members score the applications independently based on

1) the content and the suitability of the Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and the academic level of the institution of education (20%),

2) the study performance of the applicant (30%),

3) the motivation letter by the applicant (30%) and

4) the recommendation (20%).

Each evaluator gives a recommendation for phase 2 interview invitations based on the scoring.

In the second phase, a maximum of 60 applicants with the highest application scores and with a recommendation for the interview from at least three evaluators are invited to an on-line interview. 

The objective of the interview is to ensure the applicant’s motivation, communication skills, and the feasibility of the applicant’s aims as based on the written application.

The interviews are scored on a three-step scale:

  • exceeds expectations,
  • meets expectations, and
  • below expectations.

Applicants exceeding or meeting expectations will be ranked for admission and for wait list positions on the basis of their total score (the sum of their application and interview scores).

To be placed on the wait list, the total score of the applicant must be at least 93.0 % of the score of the applicant admitted from position 30.

In your on-line application, you are asked to answer specific questions. Your answers comprise the motivation letter (separate motivation letter documents will not be evaluated). It would be a good idea to write the answers first ready e.g. in notepad, word pad or similar (without formatting) and then copy-paste them to the application form.

The motivation letter should be written in English. For each answer, you can use a maximum of 2000 characters (including spaces). Please avoid overlapping answers.

The questions are the following:

  • Please describe your motivation to apply to the TRANSMED Master’s program?
  • What in your background, personality and/or experience would make you a good student?
  • Please describe how you have coped with a challenging situation in the past. How could this experience be beneficial for your career? 

A complete application requires a separate recommendation (in English) submitted by an academic professional.

You must provide the name, academic affiliation and professional email address of your referee on the application form. Instructions for submission and a link to the electronic recommendation form will be sent directly to your referee.

Please note that all applications are processed manually and there may be a delay in sending the instructions to your referee depending on the total amount of applications.

It is advised that you inform your referee on this process and make sure your referee submits the recommendation within the application period according to the given instructions.

After your referee has successfully submitted the recommendation, you will be informed on this by e-mail.

Recommendations sent by email, regular mail or courier services will not be considered.

How to sub­mit a re­com­mend­a­tion for the Mas­ter’s Pro­gramme in Trans­la­tional Medicine

Once the applicant completes and submits the application form with the referee’s contact information, the referee will receive an e-mail with a link to an electronic recommendation form. The recommendation must be submitted using this electronic form by 5 Jan 2022 at 15:00 UTC+2.

The referee is asked to evaluate the applicant’s analytical thinking, communication and social skills as well as possible research or laboratory performance. The referee may also include a description of any further aspects to support the selection of the applicant. For this, the form allows a limited amount of free-form text (1500 characters). Attachments are not accepted.

Advice for writing

Recommendations are most helpful when they provide specific examples of the applicant’s accomplishments and character. Go beyond the applicant’s grades or academic performance. The recommendation should provide us with information that we cannot obtain from other application documents such as the student’s transcript or diploma.

Guiding questions that can help in composing the free-form text:

  • How has the applicant demonstrated a willingness to go beyond the normal classroom experience?
  • Describe any unusual talents, abilities, or interests of the applicant.
  • What motivates and inspires the applicant?
  • Describe the applicant’s social skills.
  • How did the applicant react to setbacks, adversity, or disappointments?
  • What has surprised you about this applicant?

You can preview the electronic recommendation form here