Course catalogue for master's admission
These in­struc­tions ap­ply to you if you ap­ply to an international master's programme and the programme of your choice requires you to attach an course catalogue of your previous studies.

In addition to a transcript of studies, you must submit a course catalogue with detailed information on the studies based on which you are applying to the master’s programme in question.

The course catalogue must indicate the following:

  • The literature on which the completed courses are based
  • The level of the courses (basic, intermediate, advanced studies)
  • The working methods used in each course, and how the course was assessed
  • The detailed topics covered by each course

If your university does not publish this kind of course catalogue, you can compile one yourself with the scope and accuracy you are able to achieve. If you have compiled or translated the course catalogue you submit, please mention this in the attachment so that the assessors know that the catalogue has been compiled or translated by the applicant.

The course catalogue must be submitted in Finnish, Swedish or English. The course catalogue does not need to be translated by an authorised translator.

Please submit the course catalogue as a PDF file.