Frequently asked questions about attachments

If you are unsure about something concerning the application attachments, please read these frequently asked questions and answers to them.

We cannot verify that your attachments have arrived until they have been processed.

If you uploaded attachments in the application system, you can verify yourself whether the attachments have been saved by logging in to the system. If there are omissions or discrepancies in your attachments, we will contact you and ask you to supplement them.

If you sent your attachments as paper (hard) copies, we will contact you as soon as they have been processed. If your attachments have not arrived, we will send you a supplementation request.

For information on the location of our mailbox, please see Submitting paper documents under Application attachments.

Applicants are responsible for submitting their attachments to Admission Services. If attachments sent by post do not arrive by the deadline, the application may be rejected. Please note that paper (hard) copies of attachments must arrive by the deadline for the submission of attachments. In other words, a postmark dated the same day is not sufficient. We recommend that you reserve sufficient time for the delivery of your attachments. We will not send a confirmation message or supplementation request for paper (hard) copies of attachments until they have been processed.

If you are applying to an English-language bachelor’s programme (Bachelor’s Programme in Science), you must submit a copy of your passport, ID card or residence permit as an attachment to your application. If you are a Finnish citizen, you need not submit official proof of identity.

In the joint application procedure, the transfer application procedure or the application procedure based on the Open University route, we will not request official proof of identity as an attachment to your application.

It depends on the application procedure. In some procedures, you must submit certified attachments at the application stage, whereas in others, it is sufficient that you submit certified attachments if and when you are admitted. For detailed instructions on the attachments required in each application procedure, please see the website Application attachments.

If the country in which you completed your qualification is not on the list, you need not follow the country-specific requirements, but can submit your certified attachments in the regular manner. Please see the instructions on attachments for each application procedure and check, for example, whether you must submit certified attachments at the application stage or only if you are admitted.

You can apply to a master’s programme even if you have not completed a bachelor’s degree by the application deadline. In this case, you need not submit a copy of your degree certificate by the application deadline, but rather can submit an official transcript of studies alone. Please note that if you are admitted to the master’s programme, the admission decision will be conditional and you must graduate and submit your degree certificate by the end of August.

Raised grades will automatically be taken into account. In addition, you need not submit an attachment concerning a Finnish matriculation examination completed in or after 1990 because Admission Services receives this information automatically. Any grades raised in spring 2022 will also be automatically taken into account.

If you have carefully acquainted yourself with our instructions for the submission of attachments as well as the questions and answers on this page, and have not found the answer to your question on attachments, you can send an email to one of the following addresses:

Please note that staff processing attachments cannot provide information on the processing status of your attachments. We will send you a confirmation message or supplementation request once your attachments have been reviewed.