Service for presenting original documents in person

These instructions pertain to a service for conditionally admitted applicants to present original documents demonstrating their eligibility for studies to the University of Helsinki’s Admission Services.
Who is the service for?

The service is intended for persons who have been conditionally admitted to the University of Helsinki and who are unable to deliver officially certified copies of documents demonstrating their eligibility for studies by post or directly to the Admission Services’ post box.

The service is intended for the presentation of original documents. Copies of original documents cannot be presented here.

Booking an appointment

The service is available in the Metsätalo building at Unioninkatu 40.

The service is open from 4 July to 31 August.

You can book an appointment here.

After making an appointment, you will receive an email confirmation reviewing the details you have submitted. The message also contains a link for cancelling your appointment. Please do so if you are unable to make it to your appointment.

NB! Make sure your appointment is before the deadline applicable to you.

Please enter through the main doors of the Metsätalo building and follow the signs in the lobby to the correct door. The Admission Services' staff will meet you at the door when your appointment begins. Please make sure to arrive in time. Otherwise you risk missing your appointment and will have to book a new appointment. 

Please do not come to your appointment if you are sick.

If you are unable to come to your appointment personally, you can authorize someone else to bring your documents on your behalf. You must give your written authorization when booking your appointment or by contacting the Admission Services by email before your appointment.

What to bring with you

The service is intended for the presentation of original documents. You must bring with you all of the documents demonstrating your eligibility which you have been required to present. The documents must be original. Please ensure that your documents include all of the pages that are officially part of them.

You must also bring with you a photographic proof of identity (driving licence, passport, identity card issued by the police). Please be prepared to prove your identity several times.

Officially certified copies are not reviewed at the service. They must be sent to the Admission Services by mail or delivered in person directly to the Admission Services’ post box following any applicable country-specific requirements.

What happens during your appointment?

An Admission Services employee greets those who have an appointment one at a time and receives the original documents demonstrating eligibility. The Admission Services employee will then verify the authenticity of the documents and take copies of them. The original documents will then be returned to you. A separate email on the results of the demonstration of eligibility will be sent to you soon after your appointment.