Statistical Methods - Tilastolliset Menetelmät
A 5 ECTS credit course autumn 2018

General Information

Lectures Fridays 10.15-12.00
in Exactum, room B120

Weeks 36-41, 44-50

Exercise session Thursdays 12.15-13.00
in Physicum, room D106

Starting week 38

Professor Kenneth Österberg
Physicum, 3rd floor, room C327, reception after lectures
E-mail: kenneth.osterberg(at)

Exercises Fredrik Oljemark
Physicum, 3rd floor, room B322
E-mail: fredrik.oljemark(at)

Course Literature

Course Content

The course should provide the student a firm basis to statistically correctly analyze data from an physics experiment and do a valid interpretation of the result.

Course Grading (for autumn 2018)

Exercises (10 papers) gives at maximum 36 points (weight: 50 %),
Home exam gives at maximum 36 points (weight: 50 %),
Written exam gives at maximum 36 points (weight: 50 %).
The two best of these three will be used for making the course grade
(you may choose to do only one out of the two exams if you wish).


Exercises given latest on Thursdays, notification by e-mail, to be returned following Wednesday before 12.00 Finnish time.
Exercise papers available here (pdf).
To be returned either to the locked box (rightmost row, 2nd from bottom) at Physicum's 2nd floor or by e-mail to fredrik.oljemark(at)
Model answers to exercises available here (pdf).
Intermediate summary of exercise points (pdf).

Course exam

Home exam Tuesday 18.12.2018 10am - Thursday 20.12.2018 5pm
Written exam at general exam (date & time to be determined)

Previous departmental exams: 17.6.2015, 16.6.2016, 24.8.2017, 19.1.2018.

Other News

First lecture on Fri 7.9.2018 !!

First exercise paper given 13.9.2018 !

No lecture Fri 26.10.2018 !!

Extra demo-lectures:
  • Fri 19.10.2018 Analysis package ROOT and multivariate toolkit TMVA
  • Fri 2.11.2018 "Uncertainty budgets in traceable measurements"
  • Fri 7.12.2018 "Deep learning"

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