16-17.3.:  (lecture notes pp 100-114) Dirac equation. Conserved current. Plane wave solutions. Helicity. Treatment of antiparticles. Covariant normalization and completeness. Covariance of Dirac equation and continuity equation.
23.3.: (lecture notes pp 115-120) Bilinear Covariants. Massless fermions. Electron-electron scattering in nonrelativistic case. Electron-muon scattering in relativistic case (cm frame).
31.3: (lecture notes pp 121-128) Electron-muon scattering in relativistic case (lab frame). Electron positron annihilation to muon and antimuon. Photon polarization vectors.
6-7.4: (lecture notes pp 128-143) Photon polarization vectors. Propagators: spin-0, spin-1/2, spin-1. Massive vector boson polarization vectors. Compton scattering. e+e- -> gamma gamma. Structure of hadrons. Form factors. Elastic ep scattering. Inelastic ep scattering. Inclusive cross section.
13.4.-14.4.:  (lecture notes pp 144-159) Structure functions. Partons. Bjorken scaling. Scaling violation. Callan-Gross relation. Parton distribution functions. Weak interactions. Discovery of W and Z. Charged current interaction. Muon decay. Pion decay. Neutrino-electron scattering.
20-21.4.:  (lecture notes pp 160-177) Neutrino-quark scattering. Structure of neutral current. Physical photon and Z-boson. Z vertex factor. Quark mixing. GIM-suppression. Gauge symmetries.
27.-28.4.:  (lecture note pp 178-192) Noether's theorem. Local gauge invariance: U(1), SU(3). Spontaneous symmery breaking. Higgs mechanism. Higgs mechanism in the Standard Model. Gauge boson mass generation. Fermion mass generation.
4.5.:  Neutrinos.