Introduction to the Babylonian Language

Course: Introductory Babylonian

Course number: Kas 110 (5 ov) / Aas 110 (10 op)

Language of instruction: English; a reading knowledge of German will be useful but is not required.

Brief description: Introduces the basic grammar of Old Bablyonian, including phonology, morphology, and syntax, and the cuneiform writing system and Babylonian lexicon. Students will read the Law Code of Hammurapi from the original cuneiform.



Basic Vocabulary: A brief glossary of the 1000 most common Babylonian words (in pdf format).

Cuneiform Syllabary: The basic CV and VC and some common CVC cuneiform signs used in Old Babylonian (in pdf format).

Codex Hammurabi (in pdf format) Codex Hammurabi, Part II (in pdf format)

Classroom Handouts

Nouns and Adjectives
Case Endings (pdf).
Common Noun Formations (pdf).
Pronouns (pdf).
The Basic Stem of the Verb (pdf).
Stems of the Strong Verb (pdf).
Conjugational Elements for Finite Verbs (pdf).


Historical background