David J. Weir - Posters

Since the start of 2015, I've started putting PDFs, references and additional animations for poster presentations online. If you you see a poster of mine at a conference, or in the hallway at the University of Stavanger, you can use the QR code in the top right corner to jump straight to the appropriate page!

January 2015: Beyond Lambda CDM

At Beyond Lambda CDM I presented my work on gravitational waves sourced by acoustic waves after a thermal phase transition. You can view the poster and a movie of one of my simulations.

September 2015: COSMO 2015

At COSMO 2015 I presented a poster on non-Abelian cosmic strings and necklaces. Not only can you view the poster, but string network movies for several interesting parameter choices (albeit in smaller volumes than the results in the poster) can be viewed.