International Network Against Olympic Games and Commercial Sports


Other Olympia Criticizers:


The Olympic Games of today is just one part of the large-scale entertainment business called professional sports. The commercialization of sports destroys all good values that have been connected to the Olympic spirit. As long as the transnational corporations (i.e. McDonald's, Coca-Cola Company, Adidas) will set the rules, it will be useless to talk about values like environment, equality between the sexes, peace and a healthy lifestyle.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is totally undemocratic and is in the hands of big corporations and royal highnesses. The active sportswomen and sportsmen have little to say about their own games.


Many people don't want the Olympic games to destroy the environment in their own country and to spend the tax payers' money. However, the fundamental problems are similar in all countries applying for the Olympics. Therefore we want that Olympic Games, in the shape they have today, wouldn't be arranged anywhere in the world. For this purpose we need international cooperation to radically change the Olympic movement. We invite all groups around the world resisting the Olympics for similar reasons as we to join this network. People with nationalist or extreme right wing arguments are not welcome.

Our aim is to give a start to broad discussions about the problems caused by the Olympic Games and commercial sports. By this we hope to finally be able to reduce IOC's and the transnational corporations' power over sport. Sport is best when you are doing it yourself, not when looking at Olympics on television!

Modes of Action

The Network will collect information about different groups resisting the Olympic Games and commercial sports for similar reasons as we. This information will be available on our Internet home page. Changing experiences with other groups working with the same aims will hopefully give new ideas and make us realize that we are not alone in our struggle.