Article Want List (16 August 2018)

These are some articles I would like to use in my research which are not be found in any local libraries and which I cannot attempt to order from non-local ones without incurring ridiculous costs. I would appreciate any information on where possibly to get copies or photocopies. As regards the latter, I could copy any of several millions of articles that are here in exchange.

anonymous, "Communication, That's the Name of the Game," Arts Review, 17 September 1966.

anonymous, "The New Rock," Jazz & Pop 6(6) (June 1967).

Pat Arrowsmith, "Auto-Destructive Art," Peace News, 22 July 1960.

Guy Aston, "A proposito dei Beatles," Paragone 280 (giugno 1973): 107–118.

L. Bàccolo, "I 'Beatles' e San Francesco," Il Ponte 21 (1965): 708–709.

W. Badika, "Wittgenstein, le Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus et la métaphysique," Revue philosophique de Kinshasa 1 (1983): 123–135.

Reyner Banham, "City as Scrambled Egg," Cambridge Opinion 17 (1959): 18–23.

Peter Blake, "Art into Music," Aspects 31 (Winter 1985–1986).

David Boland, "Pop Art: A Reflection," Aspects 33 (Winter 1986): 10–11.

Euríalo Cannabrava, "Ludwig Wittgenstein," Revista brasileira de filosofia 2 (1952): 48–76.

J. L. Cartwright, "'May God have mercy on your soul'," Canadian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing 15(5) (1974): 8–10.

Thilo Castner, "Pop-Art und Beat-Kultur," Wirtschaft und Erziehung 19 (1967): 357–361.

Frederick Copleston, "Ludwig Wittgenstein as Philosopher," Revista de Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa 111(8) (1964): 19–30.

Cairns Craig, "Nation and History," Cencrastus 19 (Winter 1984).

Tim Craker, "Der Sprache ins Auge sehen: Wittgenstein und Bedeutung als Physiognomie," in Rüdiger Campe & Manfred Schneider (Hg.), Geschichten der Physiognomik: Text, Bild, Wissen (Freiburg: Rombach, 1996): 535–552.

D. Dauert, "Der mystische Logistiker Wittgenstein," Die Pforte 132 (1966): 66–70.

André Decourriere, "L'abolition de la peine de mort en France," Revue de droit pénal et de criminologie 62 (1982): 485–489.

Michael Disend, "Doo Wop Notes: Sixteen Candles on the Shrine of Saint Cecilia," Village Voice 24 (4 June 1979): 45–47.

M. Farrell, "Execution by Poison Gas and Lethal Injection," Criminologist 18(4) (1994): 201–204.

Roger Finnis, "The First Group in the World," Rolling Stone 43 (4 October 1969).

Jaíme Florensa Jaumandreu, "Los primeros pasos del rock 'n' roll," Historia y vida 268 (1990): 118–121.

Vilém Flusser, review of Philosophische Bemerkungen by Ludwig Wittgenstein, Revista brasileira de filosofia 16 (1966): 129–132.

Kristine Fredriksson, "Springs of Tradition: The Country Influence in the Music of Buddy Holly," Mid-America Folklore 16(2) (1988): 100–108.

Guido Frongia, "Wittgenstein trent'anni dopo," Nuovi argomenti 10 (1984): 64–79.

A. Goldschläger, review of La philosophie du langage de Ludwig Wittgenstein by Gilbert Hottois, La pensée et les hommes 21 (1977): 195–200.

Ross Harley, "Hiding in the Light: Extended Club Mix with Dick Hebdige," Art and Text 26 (1987): 67–78.

Brandon L. Harris, "Buddy Holly: The Mystery Tapes Unraveled," Time Barrier Express 3 (1979): 13–17.

Christopher Harvie, "Liturgies of National Decadence: Wiener, Dahrendorf and the British Crisis," Cencrastus 21 (1985): 17–25.

John Higgins, "The Age of Wittgenstein," Pretexts: Studies in Writing and Culture 7(1) (1998): 129–140.

Paul K. Hoch, "Between Central European Physics, American Philosophy and Scientific Sociology: A Social Epistemology of the Inter-National, Inter-Institutional and Inter-Disciplinary Migrations of the Vienna Circle," unpublished paper delivered at the International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Uppsala, Sweden, 1991.

Jochen Hörisch, "'Unaufhaltsam rollt sie hin ...': Peter Härtling, Theodor W. Adorno, Thomas Mann und die Beatles hören Schubert," in Otto Kolleritsch (Hg.), "Dialekt ohne Erde": Franz Schubert und das 20. Jahrhundert (Wien: Universal Edition, 1998): 259–276.

L. James, "Hanging: The Aftermath," Justice of the Peace 147 (1983): 552–553.

E. Kahn, "Capital Punishment: The Background to the Recent Reforms," Justice of the Peace 155 (1991): 206–207.

E. Kahn, "Capital Punishment: The Recent Reforms," Justice of the Peace 155 (1991): 238–239.

Manfred Kerkhoff, "Valores/vapores? Schopenhauer y Wittgenstein sobre el suicidio," La Torre: revista de la Universidad de Puerto Rico 4(11) (1999): 121–131.

Gary King, "Buddy Holly: The Last Tour," Music World 82 (1981): 8–15.

Hugh J. Klare, "Capital Punishment: An Abolitionist View," Criminologist 4(13) (1987): 75–82.

Viktor Kraft, "Ludwig Wittgenstein," Wiener Zeitschrift für Philosophie, Psychologie, Pädagogik 3(3) (1951): 161–163.

Dominique Laplane, "Langage et pensée," Revue du praticien 41 (1991): 143–149.

Peter Lehman, Robin Wood & Edward Lachmann, "Wim Wenders: An Interview," Wide Angle 2(4) (1978): 72–79.

Edward Lucie-Smith, "What Ever Happened to British Pop?," Art and Artists (May 1967): 16–19.

E. Lukas, "Haut den Wittgenstein!," in J. Markt (Hg.), Auf dem Plärrer (Augsburg: Vonwegen, 1975).

Scott MacDonald, "Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket: A Survey of Single-Shot Films," Afterimage 16(8) (March 1989): 10–16.

D. A. MacIver, "Can Linguistic Philosophers Teach Teachers Anything Worthwhile?," Teacher Education 5 (1972): 44–49.

Anthony M. Mardiros, "Shapers of the Modern Outlook — Ludwig Wittgenstein: Philosopher," Canadian Forum 33 (1954): 223–225.

Anne Massey, "Cold War Culture and the ICA," Art and Artists 213 (June 1984): 15–17.

Neil Maycroft, "Marxism and Everyday Life," Studies in Marxism 3 (1996): 71–91.

Jon McAuliffe, "Those Fabulous Foreign Pressings: The Complete Buddy Holly," Music World 83 (1981): 34–37.

Martin McBirney, "Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Theory of Parallel Universes," Journal of Irreproducible Results 43(4) (1998): 23–24.

James Meller, "Don't Knock the Rock," Cambridge Opinion 17 (1959): 33–35.

Douglas Milburn Jr., "Brecht and the Fillmores: Epic Theater and the Rock Concert," University of Dayton Review 7(3) (1971): 93–113.

Bill Millar, "The Unheralded Nappy Brown," Blues Unlimited 31 (1966): 8–9.

Lloyd Miller, "The Sound of Protest," Case Western Reserve Journal of Sociology 1 (June 1967): 41–52.

David Monaghan, "Taking Bob Dylan Seriously: The Waste Land Tradition," English Quarterly 6(2) (Summer 1973): 165–170.

C. P. Mooney, "Ludwig Wittgenstein and Martin Heidegger: A Rapprochement," Nassau Review 2(4) (1974): 31–56.

David Morse, "Plastic People," Media & Methods 6(5) (1969): 42–44, 52.

Richard D. Mosier, "Reflections on the Philosophy of Wittgenstein," Philosophy of Education Proceedings 23 (1967): 121–126.

Georgie Myers, "Abolition de la peine de mort et politique carcérale," Revue des sciences morales et politiques 137(3) (1982): 371–385.

George Pappas, "Pop Art," Quartet 2(14) (Spring 1966): 2–3.

Gary Paulsen, "Jules Bihari!," Blues Unlimited 68 (1969): 13–14.

Toni del Renzio, "Pop," Art and Artists 11(5) (August 1976): 14–19.

Larry Resnick, "A Very Short Guide to Understanding Wittgenstein," Eidos 9(1) (1990): 67–77.

Clive Richardson, "The Fifties Explosion," Black Echoes, 13 February 1976.

Carlin Romano, "The Wittgenstein Industry: Saving Ludwig From His Friends," Voice Literary Supplement, August 1982: 8–12.

J. C. Rupp, "The Last Drop," Forensic Science Gazette 3(1) (1972): 1–3.

Joe Sasfy, "The Short Song of Little Sonny Warner," Washington City Paper, 7–13 November 1986.

Joel Scherzer, "Kerouac and the Big Beat," Moody Street Irregulars 15 (1985): 10.

Frank Scott & Gary Paulsen, "Joe & Jules Bihari," Blues Unlimited 73 (1970): 9–12.

Frank Scott & Gary Paulsen, "Joe & Jules Bihari," Blues Unlimited 74 (1970): 11–12.

Frank Scott & Gary Paulsen, "Joe & Jules Bihari," Blues Unlimited 75 (1970): 11.

Tim Sowden, "Mods & Rockers," World Art (Australia) 19 (1998): 76–81.

M. Spicer, "The National Lottery of Capital Punishment," Criminologist 20(1) (1996): 37–42.

W. J. H. Sprott, review of Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein, Cambridge Review 44 (1922): 202 ff.

Alfred Spröde, "Zwei Projekte 'moralistischer' Literatur: Die Bedeutung des Aphoristikers und Sprachphilosophen Ludwig Wittgenstein für den Schriftsteller Aleksandr Zinov'ev," Colloquium Helveticum 8 (1988): 95–120.

Daniel Steuer, "Following Telepathy Along Riverbeds and Maelstroms: Freud, Wittgenstein and Benjamin on Language and Communication," in Bernhard Debatin, Timothy E. Jackson and Daniel Steuer (eds.), Metaphor and Rational Discourse (Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1997): 77–89.

Mark Steuer, "A Night Before the Music Died," Voyageur: Northeast Wisconsin's Historical Review 9(2) (1993): 17–25.

Kristine Stiles, "Synopsis of the Destruction in Art Symposium (DIAS) and Its Theoretical Significance," The Act 1 (Spring 1987): 22–31.

Dieter Stolte, "Logik ist die Hölle: zu Wittgensteins Schriften," Monat 14 (1961): 66–70.

S. Sullivan, "The Proto-Fascism of the Rolling Stones," Praxis 1 (1971).

Gian Paolo Terravecchia, "Lo stile di Wittgenstein," Verifiche 24 (1995): 101–123.

Daniel Tiffany, "Pound, Frobenius and Jünger: The Spell of the World-Picture," Paideuma 28(1) (1999): 9–23.

Bez Turner, "'A Crap Shootin' Fool': Eli Toscano's Labels," Blues Unlimited 134 (1979): 19–21.

Bez Turner, "'A Crap Shootin' Fool': Eli Toscano's Labels," Blues Unlimited 135–136 (1979): 20.

Bez Turner, "Vee-Jay Records," Blues Unlimited 135–136 (1979): 21–27.

Dale Vree, "Reflections on Wittgenstein, Religion and Politics," Christian Scholar's Review 3 (1973): 113–133.

D. Walshaw, "Has It Happened Before?," Justice of the Peace 155 (1991): 788–789.

Ed Ward, "Texas Rock 'n' Roll," Texas Humanist 7(6) (July–August 1985): 11–14.

Doug Whitton, "Inside Rhythm and Blues," Jazz Journal 5(10) (October 1952): 1–2.

Mark Wickham-Jones, "An Insular Party? Labour's Century in Comparative Perspective," Renewal 8 (2000): 15–25.

George Williamson, "Recent Canadian Work on Wittgenstein: 1980–1989," Eidos 9(1) (1990): 79–104.

Günter Wohlfart, "Sprachanalytik und Poetik: Bemerkungen zu einem wenig beachteten Aspekt der Sprachphilosophie Wittgensteins," Salzburger Jahrbuch für Philosophie 32 (1987): 79–92.

Richard A. Wright, review of Tell Me Why: A Beatles Commentary by Tim Riley, Quarterly Journal of Ideology 13(3) (1989): 53–55.

Catherine Yronwode, "Why The Complete Buddy Holly Isn't Complete," Music World 89 (1981): 144–146.

Heinz Zemanek, "Wittgenstein und der Computer," Die Presse, 17 March 1973.

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