Schneider's skink (Eumeces schneideri)

Schneider's skink care instructions

NOTE: Most Schneider's in the pet trade are wild caught. But if you're lucky enough to get a captive bred one, it is highly recommended. Captive bred lizard is most likely to be healthy and stress free. Wild caught ones harbor numerous parasites, are likely have bumps on them and are probably stressed from long transportation periods in not too great conditions. Not to mention the animal and nature conservation aspects buying wild caught animals posses. I do not recomend buying a wild caught animal for a pet. I recomened buying one as a breeding project. Because breeding these skinks in a large scale is the only thing that can stop the importation of the wild animals. Catching wild animals might have serious affects on wild populations not to mention the horrible conditions they are transported in to Europe and US. During the transportation from Eqypt there must die a lot more animals that survive into a someones home. If you merely want a pet, a blue-tongued skink might be a lot better choise for you. They are captive bred in a large scale, easier to handle, usually healthier and easier to feed. More info on blue-tongued skinks can be found HERE.

What does Schneider's skink look like?

Terrarium, its size, substrate, decoration, temperatures, lighting..

What to feed and how often?

Water and humidity
Do they drink and do they like humidity?

Territoriality, shedding, sneezing..

You and your lizard
Aquiring a Schneider's skink, handling, day rythm, journal, salmonella, transportation..

Few tips and my experience.

Most common diseases and how to prevent them.



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