Research Seminar in Language Technology - Spring 2018

Course Information

This is the time table of the general research seminar in language technology. Presentations will be given primarily by doctoral students but also other researchers in language technology including external guests

Place and Time:

  • Thursdays 14:15-16, Topelia, B107
    (and sometimes Metsätalo B610)

Registration and Announcements:

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Tentative Schedule:

January, 18: Johannes Bjerva
Title: One Model to Rule them all: Multitask and Multilingual Modelling for Lexical Analysis
Johannes is visiting us in Helsinki at the moment and before he leaves he will give us some insights about mulilingual and multitask models for various NLP tasks.
Abstract: When learning a new skill, you take advantage of your pre-existing skills and knowledge. For instance, if you are a skilled violinist, you will likely have an easier time learning to play cello. Similarly, when learning a new language, you take advantage of the languages you already speak. For instance, if your native language is Norwegian and you decide to learn Dutch, the shared vocabulary between these two languages will likely make it easier to learn the new language. In my thesis, I looked at learning multiple tasks, learning multiple languages, and the combination of the two, in the context of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Although these two types of learning may seem different on the surface, I show that they share similarities, and answer research questions related to when and why multitask or multilingual modelling is useful.
January, 25
No seminar today!
February, 8: Yves Scherrer and Jörg Tiedemann
Title: NLPL - The Nordic Language Processing Laboratory
In this presentation, we would like to introduce NLP, the Nordic Language Processing Laboratory, which is a collaboration of academic research groups in Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Northern Europe. Our vision is to implement a virtual laboratory for large-scale NLP research by (a) piloting innovative ways to share high-performance computing and data resources across country borders, (b) by pooling competencies within the user community and among expert support teams, and (c) by enabling internationally competitive, data-intensive research and experimentation on a scale that would be difficult to sustain on commodity computing resources.
February, 15: Uliana Petrunina
Title: Ambiguity of participles in Russian and its resolution using weights and constraint grammar rules
Uliana is a visiting PhD from the University of Tromsø. She will stay with us in Helsinki for the spring term.
March, 1: LT Group Meeting
Place: Topelia, B107
March, 8: No seminar (DHN instead)
Digital Humanities in the Nordic countries (DHN)
March, 15: Alessandro Raganato
Title: Building Multilingual Resources and Neural Models for Word Sense Disambiguation
March, 22: Elin Ehsani
Title: Contructing a WordNet for Turkish using manual and automatic annotation and graph-based text analysis using WordNet relations
April, 5: LT Group Meeting
Place: Metsätalo B610
April, 12: Timo Honkela
April, 19: Aleksi Sahala
April, 26: LT Group Meeting
Place: Metsätalo B610
May, 3: MeMAD UH project team
Title: Methods for managing audiovisual data - MeMAD
May, 17: LT Group Meeting
Place: Metsätalo B610
May, 24: Tuomo Hiipala
Place: Metsätalo B610
May, 31: Emily Öhman
Place: Metsätalo B610