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Astroparticle physics and cosmology are vital and growing disciplines at the borderline of particle physics and astrophysics.
The subject of their study are the properties of the universe and matter under extreme conditions.

This image by WMAP is from the NASA LAMBDA archive

Finnish Cosmology Portal Links to Finnish institutes involved in cosmological research.
Planck collaboration at the University of Helsinki
The Theory programme and The Cosmology project of the Helsinki Institute of Physics
The High Energy / Cosmology seminar, which takes place on Fridays is organized by Dani G. Figueroa.
A related group at the Theory Division is the Field Theory at Finite Temperature and Density group.

Those interested in making their MSc thesis about cosmology, please contact
     Kari Enqvist, HannuKurki-Suonio, Syksy Räsänen, or Kari Rummukainen.

Recent and upcoming activities

The weekly meetings of the group Thursdays at 11.15 A.M. in the HIP meeting room

Personnel of the group and their fields of interest:

Kari Enqvist, professor: Nature of the primordial perturbation, dark energy (Academy of Finland).
Kari Rummukainen, professor: Quantum field theory, numerical simulations, cosmology.
Keijo Kajantie, professor emeritus: AdS/CFT duality, finite T field theory, cosmological phase transitions.
Esko Keski-Vakkuri, lecturer: String theory and cosmology.
Hannu Kurki-Suonio, lecturer: Phase transitions in the early universe; Planck Surveyor Mission.
Syksy Räsänen, lecturer: Cosmology: inhomogeneities in cosmology, light propagation, cosmic microwave background.
Elina Keihänen, Academy research fellow: Primordial nucleosynthesis, Planck Surveyor Mission.
Shaun Hotchkiss, postdoc: Cosmology, inflation and large scale structure.
Marco Panero, postdoc: Quantum field theory, numerical simulations.
Daniel Figueroa, postdoc: Gravitational Waves from Early Universe, Primordial Non-Gaussianity, (p)Reheating,
     Inflation, Phase Transitions, Topological Defects.
Rose Lerner, postdoc: Theoretical cosmology, particularly inflation.
Mikko Lavinto, graduate student: Inhomogeneous cosmological models.
Ugo Bertello, undergraduate student: Inhomogeneous cosmological models.
Maria Mattsson, graduate student: Inhomogeneous cosmological models.
Tuukka Meriniemi, graduate student: Cosmology, inflation and (p)reheating.
Stanislav Rusak, graduate Student: Inflationary cosmology, isocurvature perturbations.
Matti Savelainen, graduate student: CMB analysis.
Anna-Stiina Suur-Uski, graduate student: CMB analysis.
Marianne Talvitie, graduate student: CMB data analysis
Kimmo Kiiveri, undergraduate student: CMB analysis.
Valtteri Lindholm, undergraduate student: CMB analysis.

Click here for Theoretical Physics teaching personnel.

Related networks:

For an up-to-date info on cosmology or astroparticle conferences and workshops
see the forum "Conferences and meetings" at

Additional personnel:

The following persons, even though not formally affiliated with the Physics Department,
have strong links with the group and carry out research on the field of astroparticle physics and cosmology.

Kari J. Eskola (U. of Jyväskylä), Kimmo Kainulainen (U. of Jyväskylä), Reijo Keskitalo (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Mikko Laine (U. Bern), Jukka Maalampi (U. of Jyväskylä), Teppo Mattsson (U. of Canterbury), Sami Nurmi (Nordita, Stockholm), Arttu Rajantie (Imperial College), Matts Roos (emer. prof., U. of Helsinki). Olli Taanila (U. of Bielefeld), Jussi Väliviita (U. of Oslo)

Recent PhDs from the group:

Andrea Ferrantelli (2010): "Gravitino phenomenology and cosmological implications of supergravity"
Olli Taanila (2010): "Primordial Perturbations from a Self-interacting Curvaton"
Vappu Reijonen (2010): "On gravitational fields of stars in f(R) gravity theories"
Lotta Mether (2010): "Consequences of Supersymmetry in the Early Universe"
Reijo Keskitalo (2009): "Measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background : Topics along the analysis pipeline"
Teppo Mattsson (2009): "Acceleration of the Cosmological Expansion as an Effect of Inhomogeneities"
Diana Battefeld (2008): "Non-Gaussianity and preheating from N-flation and magnetogenesis via rotating cosmic string loops"
Vesa Muhonen (2008): "Primordial isocurvature perturbation in light of CMB and LSS data"
Sami Nurmi (2008): "Aspects of Inflationary Models at Low Energy Scales"
Tomi Koivisto (2006): "Formation of structure in dark energy cosmologies"
Antti Väihkönen (2006): "Non-Gaussian Cosmological Perturbations from Hybrid Inflation and Preheating"
Torsti Poutanen (2005): "Map-Making and Power Spectrum Estimation for Cosmic Microwave Background Temperature Anisotropies"
Jussi Väliviita (2005): "The Nature of Primordial Perturbations in Light of CMB Observations"
Samuli Hemming (2004): "Aspects of Quantum Fields and Strings on AdS Black Holes"
Martin Snoager Sloth (2003): "Cosmology as a Window to Physics Beyond Einstein Gravity"
Asko Jokinen (2003): "Affleck-Dine mechanism and Q-balls along SUSY flat directions"
Antti Sorri (2002): "Active-Sterile Neutrino Oscillation and Lepton Asymmetry Generation in the Early Universe"
Syksy Räsänen (2002): "Topics in Brane Cosmology"
Elina Keihänen (2001): "Big Bang Nucleosynthesis with Inhomogeneous Baryon Density and Antimatter Regions"

Recent MScs from the group:

Ugo Bertellon (2012): "Cosmology in the Newtonian limit"
Stefano Magni (2011): "Backreaction and the Covariant Formalism of General Relativity"
Stanislav Rusak (2011): "Scalar Perturbations in generalized multi-field inflation"
Anna-Stiina Sirviö (2010): "Analyzing the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation"
Mikko Lavinto (2009): "WMAP 5 Year Data and its Implications for Single Field Inflation Models"
Juhani Koivisto (2008): "N-Field Inflation: Curvature and Entropy Perturbations"
Olli Sipilä (2008): "The Evolution of Linear Energy Density Perturbations in the Early Universe"
Mikko Parviainen (2008): "Cosmic microwave background map making"
Olli Taanila (2008): "Neutrinos and thermal leptogenesis"
Maria Ronkainen (2007): "The role of cosmological coarse graining in the dark energy problem"
Johannes Leppä (2007): "Rajoitukset antimaterian määrälle maailmankaikkeudessa" (Limitations on the Amount of Antimatter in the Universe, in Finnish)
Tony Liimatainen (2007): "Through a black ring to higher dimensions"
Vappu Reijonen (2006): "Phantom energy as a solution to the dark energy problem"
Jan Julin (2005): "Pimeä energia Friedmannin yhtälön modifikaationa" (Dark Energy as a Modification of the Friedmann Equation, in Finnish)
Reijo Keskitalo (2005): "The Effect of Matter and Baryon Densities on the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy"
Lotta Mether (2005): "The Randall-Sundrum Model"
Sami Nurmi (2005): "Ei-gaussiset perturbaatiot kurvatonimallissa" (Non-Gaussian Perturbations in the Curvaton Model, in Finnish)
Touko Tahkokallio (2005): "Gravity and the Holographic Principle"
Toni Tuovinen (2005): "Inflaation jälkeinen kuumeneminen" (Post Inflation Heating, in Finnish)
Teppo Mattsson (2004): "Gravitaation repulsiivisuudesta neli- ja viisiulotteisissa malleissa" (Of the Repulsivity of Gravity in Four and Five Dimensional Models, in Finnish)
Tiera Laitinen (2003), "Kosmisten magneettikenttien synty" (The Origin of Cosmic Magnetic Fields, in Finnish)
Olli Ropponen (2003), "Kosmologiset parametrit" (Cosmological Parameters, in Finnish)
Janne Högdahl (2002), "Looking at the Early Universe Through Gravitational Lenses"
Tomi Koivisto (2002), "Quintessence - Scalar Field as the Cosmic Dark Energy"
Vesa Muhonen (2002), "Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization"
Antti Väihkönen (2002), "Cosmological Inflation and the Linde-Mukhanov Model"
Tomi Salminen (2000), "Simulating Cosmic Structure Formation"
Markku Suominen (2000), "Kosmologisen vakion vaikutus FRW-malleihin" (The Effect of a Cosmological Constant on the FRW Models, in Finnish)
Jussi Väliviita (1999), "An analytic approach to cosmic microwave background radiation"

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