October 31 (Wed), 14:15 in A315   

Andi Hektor (CERN)


Dark side of the Universe: enlightenment through gamma-rays

The Fermi LAT gamma-ray satellite telescope observes a sharp excess in gamma-rays at 130 GeV related to the Galactic centre. The excess can be explained as the line-like smoking gun signature of annihilation of Dark Matter (DM). After giving a brief introduction to the status of indirect search of DM, I am concentrating on the implications of gamma-ray line(s) at 130 GeV. The talk is based on arXiv:1205.1045, 1209.4548, 1207.4466 and some recent unpublished results. On this Friday, the Fermi LAT Collaboration is presenting their results and comments on the 130 GeV line at the Fermi Symposium in California.