The High Energy/Cosmology Journal Club

Fridays, 2:15 pm, HIP Lecture Room A315


The seminar is at 14.15 (2:15 pm) after the HIP coffee. We will meet on the average every other week or so, depending on the general interest. Please feel free to suggest new titles, to be presented either by you or by somebody else. Such suggestions are always greeted with great gratitude by the organizer.

Old program


To talk about particle physics, cosmology, astrophysics, and especially the interface between these.

The idea is to have an informal research seminar, like the preceding seminars organized by Martin S. Sloth, Antti Sorri, Janne Ignatius, and Juha Peltoniemi. Recent work, work in preparation, news from a conference or elsewhere, an interesting e-print or journal article - all are suitable subjects for a seminar.

Everybody is welcome to participate, and that includes students! Forthcoming seminars will be announced by e-mail. If you wish to be included in the e-mail list, or think that somebody else should be included, please use the contact information.


The recommended duration of presentations is 30-45 minutes. The usage of chalk and blackboard is strongly preferred. Speakers should give a general introduction. Probably the audience will be happier if the speaker concentrates more in presenting the physical ideas than the technical details. The audience is encouraged to interrupt with questions and make comments.

Coffee and cookies

Coffee and tea is available in the usual HIP coffee hour. Many participants will gather there before the seminar. You can carry your filled coffee or tea mug to the room where the seminar takes place. The situation with (free) biscuits and cookies is unclear.

Credit units

Students may gain credit units by participating in the seminar. In theoretical physics the postgraduate seminar (jatkokoulutusseminaari, 3 ov) would mainly come into question. This must be individually agreed in advance with a professor.


We are meeting in room A315, on the third floor of the Physicum building.

Street Address: Department of Physical Sciences and Helsinki Institute of Physics
Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2
Kumpula (= 00560 Helsinki )
Time: Friday, 14:15 (not every week)


Organizer: [Use this e-mail address to propose topics, change titles, requests of being added to/removed from the mailing list, etc.]

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