The High Energy/Cosmology Seminar


Fridays, 2:15 pm, HIP Lecture Room A315
Jan. 01. Riccardo Sturani: Higgs-graviscalar mixing in type I string theory.
Feb. 01. Jussi Väliviita: Do we live in a flat universe?
Feb. 15. Asko Jokinen: Self-interacting dark matter
Mar. 08. Jarah Evslin: D-branes and K-theory.
Mar. 15. Syksy Räsänen: Four and a half reasons why inflation cannot be a fundamental theory
Apr. 05. Antti Sorri: TBA
Apr. 12. Archil Kobakhidze: TBA
Apr. 19. Janne Högdahl: TBA
Apr. 26. Rouzbeh Allahverdi: TBA
May. 03. Antti Väihkönen: The Linde-Mukhanov model of inflation
May. 17. Vesa Muhonen: Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization

The seminar is at 14.15 after the hip coffee. We will meet on the average every other week or so, depending on the general interest. Please feel free to suggest new titles, to be presented either by you or by somebody else. Such suggestions are always greeted with great gratitude by the organizer.

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Organizer: [Use this e-mail address to propose topics, change titles, requests of being added to/removed from the mailing list, etc.]

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