May 23, 14:15 in A315   

Germano Nardini (Bielefeld U., Germany)


Electroweak Baryogenesis in the MSSM: Probing Cosmology at LHC

In this talk I will review the general ideas of electroweak baryogenesis and the constraints that this baryogenesis scenario imposes on the MSSM spectrum. In particular, the model predicts a very heavy left-handed stop, while the right-handed scalar top has to be lighter than the top quark. Therefore, the cleanest method to probe the model is to look for direct production of the light stop at LHC. An alternative procedure is to study the role that the stop plays in the production and decay rates of the Higgs. As it will be explained, this method proves that there is some tension between the predictions of the model and the present LHC data.