Sept 13, 14:15 in A311   

Valerie Domcke (DESY, Hamburg, Germany)


Spontaneous B-L Breaking as the Origin of the Hot Early Universe.

The cosmological realization of the spontaneous breaking of B-L, the difference of baryon and lepton number, can successfully generate the initial conditions of the hot early universe. If B-L is broken at the grand unification scale, the false vacuum phase yields hybrid inflation, ending in tachyonic preheating. The dynamics of the B-L breaking Higgs field and thermal processes produce an abundance of heavy neutrinos whose decays generate entropy, baryon asymmetry and gravitinos. Depending on the underlying SUSY spectrum, either the gravitinos themselves or WIMPs from gravitino decays can yield the observed DM abundance. In this talk, I discuss the B-L phase transition for the full supersymmetric Abelian Higgs model, focusing on its cosmological consequences. In particular, I present a time-resolved description of all particle abundances, and show that the consistency of hybrid inflation, leptogenesis and dark matter implies relations between neutrino parameters and superparticle masses.