OLE Publication 4

An 'Uneasy Alliance' of Media Education and Multiculturalism, with a View to Foreign Language Learning Methodology

by Seppo Tella

The purpose of this article is to explicate the subtle yet growing interrelationship between multiculturalism (MC) or multicultural education and telelogically defined media education (ME), focusing on modern information and communication technologies (MICT). The substance area in question is foreign language learning (FLL) methodology, which no doubt can profit from the fusion of the converging trends regarding media education and multiculturalism.

An increasingly and steadily growing number of high-profile FL teachers and teacher educators are becoming cognisant of the fact that in order to know more of the synergy created by the interaction between MC, ME and FLL, they should keep up with the latest developments. These teachers also understand that both ME and MC are far from being isolated on the periphery of the curriculum; rather, they are gaining ground. In addition, ME in its various forms is already anchored firmly within the FL curriculum in terms of both content and competencies in many places.

Keywords: Media education; multiculturalism; multicultural education; foreign language learning methodology; modern information and communication technologies; open and distance learning; distance education.