Academy of Finland project

Nenets grammar and related studies

Tapani Salminen
Postdoctoral researcher 1 August 1998 -- 31 July 2001
Department of Finno-Ugrian Studies
University of Helsinki

The project is primarily aimed at a grammatical study of the Tundra Nenets and Forest Nenets languages, spoken in north-western Siberia, and genetically related to Finnish. The study is based both on published sources and extensive field-work, and its starting-point is a doctoral dissertation on Tundra Nenets inflection. In particular, the scope of the study is extended to the poorly known Forest Nenets language, with the purpose of compiling a grammar and lexicon of this language, but Tundra Nenets derivation as well as other parts of its grammar are also to be covered by the project. If possible, the project may include practical dictionary work and field studies on Tundra and Forest Nenets peripheral dialects and closely related languages. Tundra Nenets and Forest Nenets, like all northern aboriginal languages of the Russian Federation, are endangered, and therefore the project incorporates a general survey of the endangered languages of Europe and Siberia, which intends to inform both scholars and the general public about the current situation of aboriginal languages.