Music as hobby

If I can't say all the music is OK for me, but at least I have very wide interest to many kind of music. Of course, every rubbish in not in either for me. I listen lots of radio. Radio Mafia channel of Finnish Broadcasting company is my favour. In other hand there is music available from CD, vinyl and C tape. Recently I have begin to listen music from MP3, midi etc sound files.

Due to my astronomy hobby, I am interested especially in all kind of space music, but basic Finnish rock, heavy metal form 70's and tecno/dance is still OK. Classics less, but alse there are some interested areas, such as catholic music and barok. Also I have found some interesting etno music styles.

Some artists and bands listen by me (in alphabethical order)

Adiemus (linkpage), Apocalyptica, Phil Collins, Deep Forest, Deep Purple, Enigma, Brian Eno (enoweb), Eppu Normaali, Chris Franke, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Hawkwind, Hector, Hildegard von Bingen, Jean-Michel Jarre, J. Karjalainen, Kitaro, Kraftwerk (official) (webring) (suomeksi), Led Zeppelin, Juice Leskinen, Marillion, Mike Oldfield (Patrick Wigfull), Police, Puppe Strandberg, Scorpions (official) (Gibert Morton), Slade, Sting (webring), Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Suzanne Vega, Värttinä



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Updated 17th Sep 99