Research Projects

Die Deutsche Didaktik and the American Research on Teaching

The main purpose is to compare Die Deutsche Didaktik with the American research on teaching. Both of the research traditions have developed into different directions. The contemporary German conception of the instructional process, die Didaktik, is based on the Geisteswissenschaftliche Pädagogik with its German philosophical background. This tradition is constantly living but it has become other models as alternatives to its side. The respective Anglo-Saxon area, research on teaching and research on curriculum problems is based on the tradition educational psychology. The first phase of research deals with the problems of terminology and the historical background; the second concentrates on the comparison of teaching models.

Teachers' Pedagogical Thinking

The main purpose is trying to find out how teachers move in their thinking from the descriptive to the normative. The empirical problem is, how the teachers give reasons for their thinking and action and where these norms and advice come from. The very special situation is the student teaching process where the interaction between the supervisor and the student teacher clearly focuses on the arguments behind the advice and supervising in general. Finally, the model and the principles in teachers´ pedagogical thinking are compared with the most usual didactical models according to their philosophical background.

The participants: