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Term name:Autistic Disorder (Global statistics for this term without query)
Description:A disorder beginning in childhood.

It is marked by the presence of markedly abnormal or impaired development in social interaction and communication

and a markedly restricted repertoire of activity and interest.

Manifestations of the disorder vary greatly depending on the developmental level and chronological age of the individual.
Synonyms:Kanner's Syndrome, Kanners Syndrome, Early Infantile Autism, Autism, Infantile Autism, Kanner Syndrome, Autisms

Parents: Child Development Disorders, Pervasive
Level:6; Articles in PubMed: 13800
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Child Development Disorders, Pervasive


Autism articles, Top-50 Journals (Art count)

J Autism Dev Disord 1871
J Child Psychol Psychiatry 378
Autism 274
J Appl Behav Anal 247
J Am Acad Child Psy 242
Dev Med Child Neurol 220
Am J Med Genet A 220
J Autism Child Schizophr 190
J Child Neurol 144
Am J Psychiat 141
Biol Psychiat 129
Pediatrics 129
Res Dev Disabil 127
Lancet 110
Med Hypotheses 107
Brit J Psychiat 106
Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry 105
J Intell Disabil Res 98
Mol Psychiatr 96
Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet 92
Arch Gen Psychiat 85
Brain Dev-jpn 80
J Dev Behav Pediatr 73
J Am Acad Child Psychiatry 72
Soins Psychiatr 72
Neuropsychologia 68
Am J Hum Genet 67
Am J Ment Retard 64
Acta Paedopsychiatr 63
Pediatr Neurol 60
Ment Retard Dev D R 58
No To Hattatsu 56
J Abnorm Child Psychol 55
Bmj 54
Rev Neurologia 53
Psychol Med 53
Autism Res 53
Neurology 52
J Child Adol Psychop 50
Behav Modif 49
Zh Nevropatol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova 49
Dev Psychopathol 47
Brain 47
J Med Genet 47
Hum Mol Genet 45
Encephale 45
Prax Kinderpsychol Kinderpsychiatr 45
Arch Dis Child 44
Psychol Rep 43
Child Psychiat Hum D 42

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