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Ears look even more cateogorical than the celebrated and recycled early embryos in Ernst Haeckel's drawings (from the 5th ed. of The Evolution of Man, 1910; ear number 13. was Swedish. Only "bushmen" (10), however, lived in the bushes and were excluded from the highest rank in this illustration.

Hitler ordered the Ribbentropp's delegation to make observations on the ear of Stalin during their negotiations in Moscow to make the judgement, whether Josef Stalin was a Jew or not. From the 5th ed. of The Evolution of Man, 1910.

Regarding the “Kampf” and the Russians, there is evidence that In Ukraine and Baltic countries people welcomed the German troops as redeemers. These illusions evaporated soon, when the SS (Schutzstaffel) and civilian administration followed the field-army. Hitler did not even try to separate the Russian people from the Soviet government. The Eastern Europeans Slavic people were born "slaves", indeed. If the Finnish speaking Finns sold to Molotov were Mongols and inferior to the Swedish-speaking elite, for Hitler the Slavic people were "Untermenschen" (Bullock 1958 pp. 423-5). 

Why did Hitler open a second front by attacking to east, against all of the advices in his headquarters? The command for Barbarossa was undersigned only 5 months after the speech to the parliament, declaring invasion to the opposite direction (England) (Bullock 1958, p. 377). What if the failure of the Red Army (with its many executed officers) to take over Finland in the Winter War, despite Ribbentrops' license from the Nazi-Germany, contributed to the strategy?

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