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"The highest vision opens every gate. The highest meditation plumbs the infinite depths. The highest activity is ungoverned yet decisive. And the highest goal is ordinary being devoid of hope and fear. " — Tilopa

16th Karmapa Ranjung Rigpe Dorje (19231981)

Manifestation and sound
arise from the subtle mental imprints created from thoughts.
As a picture in water disappears of its own accord,
so false appearances automatically fade away
when their lack of reality is understood.
Beyond essential reality there is nothing
Such is the insight of the Mahamudra.

When the door of the mind,
through which appearances are created,
remains unobstructed, unworped by concepts,
then there is no solid reality, just bright light,
and we let everything that appears just arrive naturally.
Such a practice is the meditation of Mahamudra.

Illusory appearances are born of the belief in a reality.
Relying on a constant understanding of their non-reality,
we dwell at rest in original spontaneous nature
and the space where there is nothing to accomplish
is thus reached effortlessly.
Such is the practice of Mahamudra.

These three points are the treasure of my heart.
Since the yogis who go to the heart of everything
are like my own heart,
for them I have pronounced these heart-felt words,
which cannot be communicated to others.