Ing farewell tournament 6.1.1998


In June 1997 the Finnish Go Association decided to spend the remaining money rom its Ing fund on a national team tournament. This would be the first tournament played on Ing rules open for all members of Finnish Go Association. In 1996 there was the first Finnish Youth Championship played also with Ing rules. Since Mr Ing Chang-Ki died before the tournament took place, the name of the tournament was changed to a memorial tournament.

On the 6th of January 1998 twelve teams of three persons arrived at the tournament site in Kurkimäki, Helsinki. One extra player appeared and he was assigned as a reserve player in a team whose first player was late after missing a train. So, we had a total of 37 players, which made a largest national tournament ever in Finland.

The Ing handicaps proved to be sufficient and the lowest ranking team Helsinki V Lasse Kristiansen 19 kyu, Juuso Backman 21 kyu and Jens Kristiansen 21 kyu won the tournament. Helsinki I with a 5 dan, 3 dan and 12 kyu was second. The other teams with dan players were not so succesful.