Matti Siivola (Matti.Siivola@Helsinki.FI)

Matti Siivola

What do I do at the University?

I am Master of Science. My major was applied mathematics. Nowadays (since 1986) am working in the Department of Public Health at University of Helsinki. I am an application designer (some degree of a system analyst) and my main job at a research project called Adolescent Health and Lifestyle Survey (Text in Finnish: Nuorten terveystapatutkimus). Now I work for a couple of other projects. There will be soon text about them.

I am married. My wife is Sinikka.


My main hobby is playing Go. Minor interests are sailing, playing guitar, puzzles, other games etc.

How to find me

Working room 2247
+358-9-191 27394 (work)
PL 41 (Kytösuontie 9)
00014 Helsingin yliopisto
Matti.Siivola@Helsinki.FI (Internet)
/G=Matti/S=Siivola/O=helsinki/A=fumail/C=fi/ (X.400)