Matts Roos

resident in Helsinki, Finland,  active as a

Particle Physicist

Office address
Phone +358-9-191 50649, FAX +358-9-191 50610

Home address
Myllypadontie 15 B, FIN-00920 HELSINKI, Finland
Phone +358-9-349 2143
Mobile phone +358-40-516 9670

email: matts dot roos at helsinki dot fi

Languages: Swedish, English, Finnish, French, German, Spanish,
Italian, Danish

Finnish State Order of Merit SVR R1

Citation h-index 41

Gallery of paintings

Selfportrait 1991, acrylic, 65 cm x 54 cm,
(owned by the University of Helsinki) ©

Particle Physicist

Emeritus Professor in Particle Physics at the University of Helsinki,Physics Department, High Energy Physics Division, where still active in research and postgraduate teaching.

Member of the Finnish Physical Society, honorary member of The Physical Society in Finland.

Founding member of the Particle Data Group which produces the biannual compilation latest published as Review of Particle Physics by C. Amsler et al., Phys. Letters B 667, Issue 1-4 (2008) 1.

Member of the Board of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fiinland Alumni Club.

Scientific editing
Editor of the Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.
Conference organizer and chair for
The XVII International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics, Helsinki, Finland, June 1996;
           The International Europhysics Conference High Energy Physics 99, Tampere, Finland, July 1999;
           The International Workshop on Particle Physics and the Early Universe, Rovaniemi, Finland, Aug.- Sept. 2001.


Member of the Finnish Astronomers' Association, and the International Astronomical Union.

Introduction to Cosmology
Textbook at an introductory level, first published in 1994 by John Wiley & Sons, Second Edition in June 1997, reprinted 1999,
Third Edition in October 2003. The Third Edition is considerably expanded and modernized: the WMAP results are included.
Recent publications
          Large underground, liquid based detectors for astro-particle physics in Europe: scientific case and prospects,
          D. Autiero et al., JCAP, 11 (2007) 011.
          Chaplygin gas in decelerating DGP gravity, Proc. of the XLIIIst Rencontres de Moriond Cosmology,
          Eds. J. Dumarchez, Y. Giraud-Héraud and Jean Trân Thanh Vân, Thê Giói Publishers, (2008) 341
          Chaplygin gas in decelerating DGP gravity and the age of the oldest star, Phys. Letters B 666, 420 (2008).
          Expansion of the Universe - Standard Big Bang Model, in UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Supporting Systems
          (EOLSS) (2008), Part ``Earth and Atmospheric Sciences'', Chapter 5.
Astrophysical and cosmological probes of dark matter, J. Modern Phys 3,1152 (2012), Special issue:-Gravitation, Astrophysics and Cosmology (September, 2012)
          Entropy-corrected new agegraphic dark energy in Hoˇrava-Lifshitz cosmology, K. Karami et al., Astrophys. Space Sci.
          340, 175 (2012)
Dilaton stabilization by massive fermions, A. Cabo  et al., Astrophys. Space Sci. 340, 381 (2012)

Supernova 1999, acrylic on paper, d= 99 cm © M.Roos


Member of the East-Helsinki Art Society, The Finnish Painters' Union , and The Artists' Association of Finland.

An autodidact painter, I have been exhibiting my art since 1983, mainly in Finland, but also in Vienna, Geneva, Tokyo, Barcelona, New York, Spoleto (Italy), and Padova.  I have often assembled collages from own material, such as acrylics on paper or glass fiber canvas. Then the composition is a two-step process. My motives are generally abstract, although various forms may remind the spectator of real objects. I choose quite neutral titles so as not to hinder the free fantasy of the spectator. Occasionally my motives are inspired by my science; more often the titles allude to science even if the motive does not. The background to this homepage uses repetitively a 1997 painting which is not a collage. I often sign my paintings with two Chinese seals, one being a phonetic transcription of "Matts" in Chinese, the other being my monogram MR. Some recent paintings can be seen by clicking on Gallery of paintings


Some recent art shows:
   Galleria BE'19, Helsinki, March 1997.
   Euroart'97 in Barcelona, September 26-28, 1997..
   Galleria Poli d'Arte, Spoleto (PG), Italy, in September 1999 and in November 1999.(with Tania Schifano)
   ARTe PADOVA'99, Padova, October 1999 (with Tania Schifano).
   Invited by The Finnish Painters' Union to the Cultural Year 2000 show (with Antero Kare and Antero Toikka),  Helsinki, April-May     2000.
   Galleria Leonardo, Tampere, February 2002.
   Galleria Dix, Helsinki, July-August 2004.
   Galleria Hopeinen Sivellin, Helsinki, February-March 2008.
   Gallery G18, Helsinki, October 2011

Collective shows with the East-Helsinki Art Society (yearly since 1984) and The Finnish Painters' Union (yearly since 1993).
Individual shows also at  
   The University of Vienna 1983
   Brookhaven National Laboratory (Long Island) 1994
   The Neutrino '96 Conference  (Helsinki) 1996
   The Helsinki University Observatory 2006.
Television presentations in  the channels TV2 Finland 1979, TV1 Finland 1993, RAI2 Italy 1999.

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