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In English

Leibnitiana - (Gregory Brown) - technical perfection and valuable information of Leibniz's life plus a great bibliography of Leibniz-literature
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: Texts and Translations (Donald Rutherford) - translations and research resources
Leibniz resources - Philweb, contains conferences, texts and other resources on Leibniz
J. A. Cover's page - Leibniz collectibles and more...lots of nice pictures!
Leibniz-page by Maarten Maartensz - contains commentaries on Monadology and New Essays
Leibniz -Translations - lots of unpublished translation to English of various texts in this suberb page by Lloyd Strickland
Lingua generalis - A very good Leibniz fan page from Dolphin Logic - from Japan
Leibniz-Principals of Sufficient Reading - a bibliographic page from Mike Beaney
A concise introduction - by Miles Hodges
Garth Kemerling's Leibniz page - includes a survey of commentaries
A Leibniz page by Robert Sarkissian
An introductory page to Leibniz - by Bibliothèque nationale de France
Leibniz-page from Wikipedia
Leibniz-page from Philolex
Nice, bouncy introduction to Leibniz by Fusion Anomaly
Leibniz from the 11. ed. of Encyclopedica Britannica
Leibniz-page from Cyberheroes - by Wobbe Wegter
Personal introduction to Leibniz - by Kelley L. Ross
Leibniz in Facebook

In German

LeibnizCentral - great portal of Leibniz-related material, including a virtual exhibition and databases
in Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Bibliothek
Leibniz-page by Jan-Willem Liebezeit

In French
Leibniz-page in french from Wikipedia
In Italian
Introductory page from Italy
Leibniz-page from Italy
And another one from an Italian Encyclopedia
In Spanish
Great-looking Leibniz-page by Bernardino Oriel y Miguel - contains translations and commentaries of Leibniz's mostly mathematic texts - from Spain
A Spanish? Leibniz-page
In Portuguese

Leibniz Brazil (Fernando Barreto Gallas) - contains translations to Portuguese, articles and glossary among other things
Leibniz-page from Brazil - by GJ Ballone
Leibniz: Teoria & Praxis - by Elena Diez de la Cortina Montemayor- from Brazil!
Still another one! - Brazil really likes Leibniz!
A Leibniz-page by Renato Cantão
And another!

In Swedish

A Swedish Leibniz-page
In Finnish

Leibniz Wikipedia
Monadologia (Wikipedia)
Leibniz - rationalismia ja monadologiaa

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz-Gesellschaft - in Hannover
Leibniz society news / Leibniz society of North America
Sociedad española Leibniz - Spanish Leibniz-Society

Sodalitas Leibnitiana - Italian Leibniz-Society