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Leibnizian Resources is dedicated to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716), a German philosopher and polymath, and my aim is to collect the most relevant web-resources into this single page in order to help to find Leibniz-material  more  easily and to provide a space for Leibniz-studies, both my own and others. 

Suggestions, links and other comments are most welcome to address markku.roinila (at)

If you find Leibniz and his philosophy interesting, please visit the Leibniz-discussion board for news and discussion. You are welcome to discuss, ask questions and answer them in the forum.

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A small update 14. 4. 2018

Early Modern Letters Online
Polskie Towarzystwo Leibnizjanskie - Societas Leibnitiana Polonorum (Poland, Facebook only)
Early Modern Philosophy Resources (by Markku Roinila, Facebook only)
Reassembling the Republic of Letters

Articles from by George Gale:

The Concept of Force and Its Role in the Genesis of Leibniz's Dynamical Viewpoint
On What God Chose Perfection and Gods Freedom
The Variational Principles: How Leibniz Founded a Tradition in Physics Which Endures Unto Today

New translations from Lloyd Strickland:

That not all possibles attain existence (1677)
On Proving Divine Existence (1678-79)
The three degrees of strength in opinions (1693?)
Letter to Antonio Alberti? (1689)
Letter to Foucher (5/15 July 1695)

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