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Leibnizian Resources is dedicated to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716), a German philosopher and polymath, and my aim is to collect the most relevant web-resources into this single page in order to help to find Leibniz-material  more  easily and to provide a space for Leibniz-studies, both my own and others. 

Suggestions, links and other comments are most welcome to address markku.roinila (at)

If you find Leibniz and his philosophy interesting, please visit the Leibniz-discussion board for news and discussion. You are welcome to discuss, ask questions and answer them in the forum.

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Additions 19. 3. 2017

Lloyd Strickland: Why is there something rather than nothing?
Jonathan Gray: “Let us Calculate!”: Leibniz, Llull, and the Computational Imagination (Public domain review)
Isaac Newton Library Online
Audrey Borowski: Leibniz and Deleuze on Paradox (JHIblog)
Digitale Sammlungen der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek
Theodicy and Reason - Logic, Metaphysics, and Theology in Leibniz’s Essais de Théodicée (1710), e-book edited by Matteo Favaretti Camposampiero, Mattia Geretto and Luigi Perissinotto
Spinoza Web
Leibniz-page from Monoskop - handy chronology and other useful stuff
Francisco Suárez, Disputationes Metaphysicae
Michel Fichant: Les dualités de la dynamique Leibnizienne
Mattia Brancato: Leibniz, Weigel and the Birth of Binary Arithmetic

Collection of Historical Sources Related to Leibniz and Contemporaries - from ECHO
Leibniz society of North America
Resources on Margaret Cavendish
Nice Leibniz-page (emphasis on mathematics) - in French
Getting Started with Leibniz - excellent page by Donald Rutherford

New section in articles:

Open access journals/collections/ebooks

Theodicy and Reason - Logic, Metaphysics, and Theology in Leibniz’s Essais de Théodicée (1710), e-book edited by Matteo Favaretti Camposampiero, Mattia Geretto and Luigi Perissinotto
Cadernos Espisanos n. 34: Special issue on Leibniz (in portuguese)
Martin Grötschel, Eberhard Knobloch, Juliane Schiffers, Mimmi Woisnitza, Günter M. Ziegler (Hg.):
Vision als Aufgabe. Das Leibniz-Universum im 21. Jahrhundert, Berlin 2016
Free articles, Leibniz's texts, reviews and discussion pieces from the Leibniz Review

Videos from NDR (In German)

Scanning Leibniz's texts
Leibniz's work with mining engineering
What is so fascinating about Leibniz?
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek
Trailing Leibniz in Hannover

From a webpage of city of Hannover:

Leibniz – on the trail of the polymath - pdf-presentation
Leibniz-year 2016 - lots of info about Leibniz
Leibniz the mathematician
Leibniz the engineer

The house of Leibniz

Leibniz's grave
Leibniz's temple
Leibniz's travelling chair

Academy edition

Reihe II, Bd. 4 (1701-1707) - Vorausedition from Leibniz-Forschungsstelle Münster (including correspondence with Bayle)
Reihe VI, 5, 1690-1703 (Vorausedition)
- Vorausedition from Leibniz-edition Münster
Reihe VIII, 2

Other texts

Specimen Demonstrationum Politicarum Pro Eligendo Rege Polonorum - Digitale Sammlung der G. W. Leibniz Bibliothek
Summi Polyhistoris Godefridi Guilielmi Leibnitii Protogaea - Digitale Sammlung der G. W. Leibniz Bibliothek

Translation by Lloyd Strickland:

On What Is Absurd, False, And Problematic In Descartes (1683-1685 (?))
A note about the light that some call Aurora Borealis (1710)
Leibniz to Charles Hugony (30 November 1710)