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Hello, are you happy people? I'm Markku "Feggy" Roinila and here's what I like to do, consume and enjoy:




werbul1a.gif (168 bytes) Pop

I got familiar with pop music in the beginning of the '70's, so there are a lot of favourites. If we think of artists beginning with B, we get at least B'52's, Badding, Chris Bailey, The Band, Bangles, Barbarians, Barefoot Brothers, Syd Barrett, Barracudas, Bash & Pop, Bats, Beach Boys, Beasts of Bourbon, Beat, Beatles, Jeff Beck, Captain Beefheart, Chris Bell, Chuck Berry, Biff Bang Pow, Big Country, Big Star, Birthday Party, Björk, Frank Black, Black Crowes, Blondie, Blue Rodeo, Blue Öyster Cult, Bluesounds, Blur, Bobby Fuller Four, Booker T & Mg's, David Bowie, Box Tops, Billy Bragg, Brainpool, James Brown, Brownsville Station, Buffalo Springfield, Buffalo Tom, T-Bone Burnett, Kate Bush, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Buzzcocks and Byrds. I have a specific site for music, so surf there from here!

werbul1a.gif (168 bytes) Philosophy

Philosophy came to me through history books when I was about 17 years old. I first got interested in Spinoza, but after studying a few years history I began to take interest in Spinoza's critic, Leibniz. Anyway, I find early modern philosophy very interesting.

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werbul1a.gif (168 bytes)  History

It is not difficult to guess that the early modern era fascinates me as a historian. I am also attracted to the curiosities in history and we know that with every new day there will be another one of those.

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I have never been a movie freak, but I've seen a few films. You can call me old-fashioned, but films by Welles, Hitchcock, Keaton, Fellini, Hawks, Billy Wilder, Cocteau and Marx-brothers seem to last among my favourites. Sure, I like some new films also, for example films by Spike Jonze, Pedro Almodóvar, Lars von Trier, Wachowski bros and Woody Allen.

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Top ten? James Joyce, George Orwell, Vladimir Nabokov, Fedor Dostoevski, August Strindberg, Stendhal, Thomas Mann , Michel Tournier, Franz Kafka, Nathanael West and Joseph Conrad came to mind at first. On second thoughts, Robert Musil, Raymond Chandler, Elias Canetti, Mika Waltari, Graham Greene, Günter Grass, Mario Vargas Llosa, Gustave Flaubert, Shakespeare and Ian McEwan. Or...never mind. Here is, by the way a list of books I have been reading lately.

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is a fine directory and Starting Point is most useful, too. If you happened to be interested in Finland, see Fennica, Lisko or makupalat.

Keywords are nice, although quite frustrating sometimes. From Finland, try Ihmemaan haku, which looks for words from Finnish www-pages. Otherwise use Lycosis, Infoseek or Alta vista. Put it all together and you get Metacrawler. Google also offers search from newsgroups! 



In the world, In rock-world, Washington Post, Times, Die Welt, Le Monde

What am I doing in the University of University of Helsinki?

A good question. I thought about it for eight years and decided to think it over for another ten or so years.... In other words I am now a researcher in the Department of PhilosophyHere's my official homepage and here's a homepage from the History of Mind Research Unit. The topic of my dissertation is the splendid guy in the picture, the German philosopher, G. W. Leibniz, to be exact, G. W. Leibniz's Theory of Rational Decision-Making. Leibniz's Monadology is here.

Libraries are nice, especially Bibliothèque Nationale de France , Library of Congress and British Library.

Encyclopedias have always fascinated yourst truly. There is no match for the Encyclopedica Britannica, but the www-version is alright. and Encarta are lighter, but Xrefer seems promising. The american point of view is to be found in Columbia encyclopedia.

This page offers 15000 biographies. Language-problems are solved by The translator's Home Companion and Roget's Thesaurus.



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Here's my lovely wife's, Susanna's great homepage!

Feggy's gallery

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Cheap fun

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Well, that was it. Come again. Yes, you guessed. It will not be very much better next time. Cheers!