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The latest released version of the 6x86opt package is v0.80b and is available at this site, look below at the "Sections". The release date was February 3rd, 1999.

What is 6x86opt?

6x86opt is an optimizer for the Cyrix/IBM 6x86 family processors. The earlier class, M1, includes the 6x86, 6x86L and 6x86LV CPUs. The current M2 class includes the 6x86MX and MII (which is the name for the higher frequency 6x86MXs) CPUs. 6x86opt works in a DOS environment, and under Windows 3.x/95/98.

The optimization is carried out by altering certain internal registers of the 6x86 CPUs (For details refer to the documentation, i.e. 6x86opt.txt in the package).

Other programs in the package are; CPUIDEN, which can be used to alter the CPUIDEN bit of the 6x86 and; 6x86set/6x86set2, the register setup utilities which let you view and alter almost all of the internal registers of the M1/M2. The installation program INSTALL completes the package.

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