After Brochu, 2004, 2006, and Delfino, Piras & Smith, 2005

Eosuchus Dollo, 1907
        Gavialis Marsh, 1870
        Sphenosaurus Morton, 1844, non Sphenosaurus von Meyer, 1864
        non Eosuchus Watson, 1912 [= Noteosuchus, a basal neodiapsid]
        †Thecachampsoides Norell & Storrs, 1986

        †Eosuchus lerichei Dollo, 1907
            †Eosuchus lerelichii Brochu, 2001a, b (lapsus calami)

        †Eosuchus minor (Marsh, 1870)
            Gavialis minor Marsh, 1870
            ?Sphenosaurus clavirostris Morton, 1844
            Thecachampsoides minor (Marsh) Norell & Storrs, 1986
            Thecachampsoides minor (Marsh) Brochu, 2004
            Eosuchus minor (Marsh) Brochu, in press vide Delfino, Piras & Smith, 2005
            Eosuchus minor (Marsh) Brochu, 2006


Brochu (2004) suggested that Thecachampsoides minor (Marsh) and Sphenosaurus clavirostris Morton are actually a cospesific and the correct binomen should Thecachampsoides clavirostris (Morton). However he didn't formalize this chance yet, but continued to use binomen Thecachampsoides minor (Marsh).

Delfino et al. (2005) synonymized Eosuchus Dollo, 1907 and Thecachampsoides Norell & Storrs, 1986, this synonymizing was done based on unpublished work by Brochu. (Delfino, pers. comm.)

Brochu's article formally synonymizing Thecachampsoides with Eosuchusappeared in “Journal of Paleontology’ on spring 2006. For the taxonomic stability, Thecachampsoides clavirostris (Morton) was sunk under binomen Eosuchus minor (March) and was considered as invalid senior synonym by Brochu.