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  Synonyms of the species Parotosuchus helgolandicus  

Synonyms of the species †Parotosuchus helgolandicus (Schröder, 1913) Chernin, 1978 [Temnospondyli: Mastodonsauridae]

    Capitosaurus helgolandiae Schröder, 1913
    Parotosaurus helgolandiae (Schröder) Jaekel, 1922
    Parotosaurus helgolandicus (Schröder) Watson, 1958
    Parotosaurus helgolandi (Schröder) Ochev, 1966
    Parotosuchus helgolandicus (Schröder) Chernin, 1978


Damiani, R. J., 2001: A systematic revision and phylogenetic analysis of Triassic mastodonsauroids (Temnospondyli: Stereospondyli).
–Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society: Vol. 133, #4, pp. 379-482


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