Dr. Mikael Granvik


I’m a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Physics at U. Helsinki since March 2011 with funding from the Academy of Finland for a project entitled “Origin and evolution of near-Earth objects”. My main research interests currently are

  1. estimating the orbital and size-frequency distribution for near-Earth objects (NEOs),

  2. the detectability of temporarily-captured, natural Earth satellites (AKA minimoons),

  3. development of Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods for orbit computation,

  4. asteroid mass estimation through orbital perturbations in the context of large surveys, and

  5. the origin and detectability of NEO families.

In addition I’ve lately been (or still am!) co-authoring papers on mainbelt comets, the spectrometric analysis of NEO 2005 YU55 (which made a close Earth-fly-by in early Nov 2011), near-Earth asteroids on retrograde orbits, the detectability of interstellar comets, etc.

The observational data for my projects comes from mainly two sources at this moment; CSS and PS1. I’m a member of the science teams for PS1, NEOSSat and LSST as well as of the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (Gaia DPAC).


Department of Physics

P.O. Box 64

00014 University of Helsinki


office  Physicum D326

voice   358 (0)9 191 50715

fax      358 (0)9 191 51000

mgranvik at iki fi


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