Mietta Lennes, M.A.,
Project Planning Officer

Mailing address:
Department of Digital Humanities
Faculty of Arts
PO Box 24
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Visiting address:
Unioninkatu 40 (Metsätalo)
room A309, 3rd floor

fax (09) 191 28313
email: mietta.lennes ATT

This page is no longer maintained. Please see my updated information in TUHAT.


I wish to help the researchers in various disciplines to work with speech and spoken language data in more efficient and reliable ways. I also want to contribute to the development of user-friendly tools and systems for speech and language researchers.

My specialties include building and managing speech corpora and using the Praat program for speech analysis.

As a phonetician, I am interested in the variability and the temporal nature of speech and in the way that a shared language can and will emerge from everyday human behaviour. I am also interested in the process of second-language pronunciation learning, which is still an area that is rather poorly understood. I participated in the research project ProoF - Pronunciation of Finnish by immigrants in Finland (2008-2011).

The title of my forthcoming doctoral dissertation is Phonetic correlates of word frequency in spoken everyday Finnish. The manuscript is currently in review.

CLARIN The ProoF research project