v University of Helsinki - Mietta Lennes - Curriculum vitae

Mietta Lennes, M.A.,
Project Planning Officer

Mailing address:
Department of Digital Humanities
Faculty of Arts
PO Box 24
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Visiting address:
Unioninkatu 40 (Metsätalo)
room A309, 3rd floor

fax (09) 191 28313
email: mietta.lennes ATT helsinki.fi

Curriculum vitae

Name: Lennes, Mietta

Current position:
Project Planning Officer for FIN-CLARIN
Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki, Finland

This page is no longer maintained. Please see my updated information in TUHAT.


  • 30.5.1992 Matriculation exam at Riihikedon lukio, Pori
  • 11.5.1999 Master of Arts, University of Helsinki (major subject Phonetics, minor subject Cognitive Science)

Academic work career

  • Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki:
    1.4.2011-30.6.2013 Project Planner (FIN-CLARIN)
  • Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki:
    1.1.2010-31.3.2011 PhD student/Researcher (1.6.2010-30.6.2011 in the graduate school Langnet)
  • Department of Speech Sciences, University of Helsinki:
    1996-1999 Departmental work and technical support (occasionally)
    1999-2009 Teacher
    1.6.1999-31.5.2000,1.1.2001-31.12.2004, 1.3.2005-30.11.2006 Researcher
    1.1.2005-28.2.2005 Secretary of Research Assessment
    1.6.2007-31.12.2009 PhD student/Researcher (KIT Graduate School )
  • Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, Helsinki University of Technology:
    1.1.-31.1.1997,1.1.-15.2.1997,1.6.-31.12.2000,1.1.-30.6.2001 (part-time) Research assistant
  • CBRU, Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki:
    1994-1997 Research assistant (occasional work)
    6.2.-21.3.1997 Research secretary (part-time)

Other previous work

  • Palmgren Music School, Pori:
    20.8.-18.12.1990 Music librarian (part-time)
  • Suomen PT Oy:
    21.11.1994-31.5.1995 Letter mail sorter
  • Sodexho Oy, Summer Hotel Satakunta:
    1.6.-31.8.1998 chambermaid
  • Klippi Design Management:
    1.1.1999-31.12.2001 Web designer (first version of the web site Puuvene.net)

Social activities

  • Satakuntalainen Osakunta:
    • 1993 Assistant Hostess
    • 1995 Advertisement Secretary
    • 1996-1997 Member of the Board
    • 1998 Song leader
    • Medals for activity (Satakuntalaisen Osakunnan harrastusmerkki) 1998 and contributions (Satakuntalaisen Osakunnan ansiomerkki) 1999
  • Allofoni, the association of students in Phonetics:
    1995-1998 Editor

Other posts


Grants and scholarships

  • Satakuntalainen Osakunta:
    1998 Tri K. W. Tiisala Memorial Fund scholarship (FIM 5000)
  • University of Helsinki Science Foundation:
    1999 Young researcher's grant (FIM 75.000)
  • Emil Aaltonen's Foundation:
    2000 Young researcher's grant (FIM 80.000)