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Severi Hämäri (MA) is a doctoral student in Philosophy at University of Helsinki. He is currently writing a PhD thesis on sustainable decision making in situations of radical uncertainty, under the supervision of professor Jaakko Kuorikoski. Hämäri works as a researcher/consultant at Neuvonen / Hämäri research & consulting.

He is a qualified teacher of philosophy and mathematics; and the head teacher in Puhujakoulu, a year long course in rhetoric coordinated by Kriittinen Korkeakoulu. He blogs on rhetoric (in Finnish) at Mestaripuhuja: puhujakoulu.wordpress.com. And on his research, and on political rhetorics (mostly in Finnish) at Dares in Philosophy and Language.

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Papers and talks

Peer reviewed:
  1. Rafal Urbaniak and K. Severi Hämäri, 'Busting a myth about Lesniewski and definitions', in History and Philosophy of Logic (Vol. 33, iss. 2, 2012). (A draft is available at academia.edu)
Articles for the philosophically minded general public:
  1. K. Severi Hämäri and Markus Neuvonen, 'Searlen arvot ja normit' ('Searle's values and norms', a report on John Searle's honorary Yrjö Reenpää -lecture in Helsinki, May 2012, including an interview with Searle by KSH), Niin&Näin, 3/2012.
  2. K. Severi Hämäri, 'Hintikka ja Fregen erehdys ('Hintikka and Frege's mistake', a report on Jaakko Hintikka's guest lecture in Helsinki, Oct. 2010), Filosofia.fi online reports (11/17 2010).
Congress presentations:
  1. 'On Speech acts of defining', presented at Congress for Doctoral Students in Philosophy, Tampere, Finland, Oct. 2012
  2. 'On Elimination, Composition, and Sense A Conceptual Study of J. Horty's Interpretation of Frege's Account of Definitions', presented at Congress for Doctoral Students in Philosophy, Tampere, Finland, Nov. 2011
  3. 'Busting a myth about Lesniewski and definitions', with Rafal Urbaniak, presented at 14th Congress of Logic, Philosophy and Methodology of Science, Nancy, France, 2011;
Seminar presentations:
  1. 'Bertrand Russell's On Education', March 28th 2012, at post grad coffee, University of Helsinki
  2. 'Busting a Myth about Lesniewski and Definitions' (based on a jointly written paper with Rafal Urbaniak), May 13th 2011, at research seminar in logic, Department of Philosophy, University of Helsinki
  3. 'What is the standard theory of definitions?', Nov. 3rd 2010, at research seminar in logic, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Helsinki
  4. 'Mathematical Perspective on a Philosophical Topic - Tarski and Truth Definitions', Dec. 3rd 2008, at research seminar in logic, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Helsinki
Other talks:
  1. 'On an Empiristic Turn in Philosophy of Language' (in Finnish), presented at Finnish society for natural philosophy, Helsinki, April 2013

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At University of Helsinki

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Research: Teaching:

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On equality

Articles and publications
  1. Hämäri, K. Severi, 'Tasa-arvo matemaattisissa tieteissä : onko sitä?', Arkhimedes, 1/2009.
  2. Aasa Feragen and K. Severi Hämäri, 'Women and Men in Mathematical Sciences', EWM-Newsletter 15, March 2009.
  3. Hämäri, K. Severi, Matematiikan ja tilastotieteen laitoksen tasa-arvoraportti 2007--2008, Naiset ja miehet matemaattisissa tieteissä, Yliopistopaino, Helsinki, 2008. The Report of Department of Mathematics and Statistics' (UH) Equality Project (2007-2008), summarized in (Feragen and Hämäri 2009).
  1. December 1th 2008: Alustus helsingin yliopiston tasa-arvotoimikunnan kokouksessa: 'Tasa-arvon tila matematiikan ja tilastotieteen laitoksella' talk on the Equality report of Department of Mathematics and Statistics, given to the Board of Equality, University of Helsinki.

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Other interests

Organizational activities Linux

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