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CV and List of Publications.

The research I have done with other people is about method development for Earth observation using airborne images and LiDAR data. It has mainly been data-driven, i.e. we use lots of observations to deduce the right models and methods. It calls for an experiment, which is in Hyytiälä (62ºN, 24ºE) since 1995. Description of it in HTML [Finnish] and pdf [English]. In addition, we have recently also done more theoretical remote sensing by means of programming simulators that model the whole measurement of vegetation using light, by a simulated LiDAR sensor. This work is very rewarding as it allows for testing something that does not exist manufactured.

The rationale for the work sprouts typically from environmental mapping, forest inventory and monitoring. We strive for something that is more accurate, results in less costs or provides entirely new information.

More about Hyytiälä
Land use patterns in Hyytiälä since 1946 as seen in aerial images. Silva Fennica article