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CV and List of Publications.

The research I have been involved in (1991-92, 1997-2000, 2002-) has mainly been data-driven. It means that observations are vital in achieving the answers to research questions. Simulation tools have been important, when expanding the limits of experiments and instruments.

The rationales sprout from environmental mapping, forest inventory and monitoring. We always strive for something that is more accurate and cost-efficient or provides entirely new and relevant information.

Keywords linking to past and current research are:
  • Forestry, Forest inventory, Forest management, Silviculture, Habitat and vegetation mapping, Forest growth and yield, Vegetation structure
  • Optical, Airborne LiDAR, Close-range and airborne photogrammetry, Radiometrically quantitative remote sensing, Geometry, 3D    
  • Methods of least-squares, Image processing, Pattern recognition, Classification tools, Multivariate statistics, Spatial statistics, Monte-Carlo methods, Surveying, GIS
  • C/C++, VB, Python 2.7, Fortran77/90, Win16/32/64.        .
My long-term experiment is in Hyytiälä (62ºN, 24ºE). First activity dates back to 1995. Description in HTML [Finnish] and pdf [English]. More about Hyytiälä Land use patterns in Hyytiälä since 1946 as seen in aerial images. Silva Fennica article