Free flight aeromodels

I started my aeromodelling in Savonlinna year 1975. Me and my friend Antti wanted
to build a control-line aeromodels. We visited Savonlinna aeromodelling clubs
clubroom in Heikinpohja where we met Ossi Kilpelainen who made us changed our minds
and build first some free flight gliders.
Yet I haven't had time to build control-line model but quite big amount of
free-flight models :-)

Still nowadays I think that free-flight sport is one of the best ways to spent
my freetime.
When you are having a good competition you don't remember costs of
driving a car more than 2000 kilometers per winter or buying of quite expensive
carbon-fibre materials for building your models.

Pictures, videoclips and texts about Free Flight Aeromodels:

My F1Q: F1A wing 400 series motor with 1:4 gear Seelig 4 function timer, electronic switch

Picture from Bear Cup 2006

Second picture from Bear Cup 2006

Third Picture from Bear Cup 2006 (F1A winner Per Findahl and Göran Trogen)

My newest gliders wing under building process, one year ago

My newest glider ready to fly

Information on free-flight world championships 2001

Video:Juri Roots launching his F1C at Bear Cup 1999 (unfortunately no sound yet!)

Video:Juri Roots launching F1C NOW WITH SOUND!

Video:Indoor rubber powered model

Video:Alexander Shelepov launching his F1B at Bear Cup 1999

picture from a free-flight competition on a frozen lake (Bear Cup 96?)

Composite seminar at Lappeenranta

more information about free-flight aeromodels (Free Flight Team Finland)

Photos from Bear Cup 2002 free-flight World Cup Competition

Photos from Holiday On Ice 2002 free-flight World Cup Competition

In Finnish

kokeilulehti Buntteri

Puukoneluokka ym.

Puukoneluokan kilpailukutsu ja säännöt

Puukoneluokan kuulumisia

Kemialliset riskit lennokkien rakentelussa

FAI sekä suomenkielinen rekisteröintilappu (Corel)

lehtileike Hirvijärven SM-osakisasta 1991

lehtileike Stratoksen kisoista 1977

lehtileike Oulun SM-osakisasta 1977

lehtileike Räyskälän kansallisista 1977

lehtileike Vallilan 34. talvikisoista 1980

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