Here are pictures of Saimi Paturi (1881-1968), married to Vihtori Vaara in 1905:

The oldest photo I have of Saimi (at left) shows her in the early 1890's. Actually this is a plate of poor quality.

Saimi when she was around twenty years. The picture was taken by J. Indursky in Wiborg, "Hedrad med Kejs. belöning för fotogr. alster". It is also promised that "Plåten förvaras för efterbeställning".

Saimi when she was also around twenty years

Saimi together with her daughter Sirkku and her sister Lahja Paturi (1896(?)-1962) in early 1908. Elegant hats!

Saimi with Vihtori before their departure from Koivisto in 1913. Photo by S. Strömer, Wiipuri. Also here from the same photo session.

Saimi together with her family in about 1912 in the courtyard of the Koivisto elementary school. From the left Aino Salonen, Maria Paturi, Sirkku Vaara (later Kajantie), Maja Karoliina Salonen (Vihtori's sister, 1863-), Vihtori Vaara, Keijo Vaara and Saimi Vaara. At the back unknown locals.

Outdoor life around 1915, from the left Vihtori, Saimi, Keijo, Aleksi Salonen, Sirkku, Maija Karoliina Salonen. Did one really put on those hats when going out for a picnic? Where is this rock?

A family picture around 1920, from the left Lahja Paturi, Rauha Paturi (Saimi's sisters), Vihtori, Keijo, Sirkku, Saimi.

Saimi in 1938

In the fifties at home at Liisankatu 12 E 37, Helsinki.

On 14 July 1957 in a funeral Saimi and Vihtori already look old, but the hat is there anyway.