Here are pictures of Vihtori Vaara (1881-1962):

soon after 1900 in the Sortavala Seminary (he started there in September 1900):

also soon after 1900 in the Sortavala Seminary:

in August 1904 (photo taken by M. Andersen, Alexandersgatan N:o 25, Wiborg). He had graduated from the Sortavala Seminary in June 1904:

in 1908 (he was married to Saimi Paturi on 18 August 1906):

on an excursion to the nature in about 1914. This is a charming picture about the way of life in 1914, especially my grandmother's hat has always impressed me. Grown-ups from the left are Vihtori Vaara, Saimi Vaara (Paturi), Aleksanteri Salonen and his wife Maja Karoliina (Vihtori's sister; she died in 1915). The children are Keijo Vaara and Sirkku Vaara (later Kajantie). Maija Karoliina had a twin sister Flora Josefiina, "fluura", 1863-1950, married to Johan Adolf Kalliokoski, 1863-1940, operating the Askola Hiirkoski mill:

before 1915 with his mother Maria Frisk (1835-1922) and his sister Maija Karolina Salonen (born Nyman, 1863-1915). The place is probably the Department of Physiology at Siltavuorenpenger, Helsinki and is probably taken by A. Salonen, who was a technician there:

together with his family (wife Saimi, daughter Sirkku, son Keijo) and two of Saimi's sisters, Lahja and Rauha (sitting), in about 1920:

in 1938:

in 1941. This was probably taken for his 60th anniversary. But how did he grow all that hair from 1938 to 1941?

in 1957, on 14 July, with Saimi in a funeral. Both look very businesslike: