Coast of Sortanlahti in photos (6 July 2003) and paintings

The following photos of the lake Ladoga coastline next to Hjalmar Kajander's house
were taken by Risto Hakorinta on 6 July 2003.
For comparison, prewar paintigs of N.Tsherbakov from the same place are also shown.
Click on the small picture to produce a bigger one.

Kajanderinranta1 Kajanderinranta2 Kajanderinranta3
Kajanderinranta4 Kajanderinranta5 Kajanderinranta6
Kajanderinranta7 Kajanderinranta8


The paintings of N.Tserbakov are


Hj, Kajander's main
Main building
The buildings closer to the
coastline. Here Aarne lived.
The Sortanlahti peninsula Sortanlahti