General information

I am a researcher working at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Helsinki. My research circulates around electronic structure theories, that is, mathematical models for the behavior of molecules and molecular clusters.

I did my PhD studies at the Department of Physics at the University of Helsinki, followed by a postdoctorate stint at Department of Applied Physics at Aalto University. For the last three years I was at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, working in the Martin Head-Gordon group at University of California, Berkeley. See here for my list of publications.

As a theoretical physicist by training, I got interested in fundamental quantum chemistry. I also don't mind getting my hands dirty with writing (or debugging) code. One of my significant works so far has been ERKALE, which is a Hartree-Fock / density-functional theory self-consistent field program I wrote during my PhD, which focuses on the modeling of x-ray properties. I'd be happy to hear if you have found the program useful. I'm also a contributor to the libxc library and a Q-Chem developer.

I have done some work on the study of basis set completeness. You can find my basis sets at the EMSL Basis Set Exchange. The newest completeness-optimization work has been done with ERKALE. Before that I was briefly involved as a developer in the Kruununhaka basis set tool kit (Google Code site).

Partly in relation to my scientific interests, I am also involved as a package maintainer in the Fedora project. For more information see my Fedora homepage.